Workout from home and online fitness training is getting popular after the pandemic: Virender Pahal

Nutrition plays an important role in your fitness & everyone should take care whether you’re getting right nutrition to have a healthy body & mind

Workout from home and online fitness training is getting popular after the pandemic: Virender Pahal

Updated: Oct 19, 2021, 08:07 AM IST

The covid situations in the world transformed people’s homes into their offices and we got a new way of working in the form of work from home. Now, after pandemic people started understanding the importance of fitness and homes are turning into gyms. When covid-19 was on peak everything was shutdown including gyms. We saw that people were getting mental and physical health issues during lockdown. When gyms were closed for several months at a stretch over the last year, many of us took to the online world for our fitness needs.

Celebrity fitness trainer Virender Pahal, who runs an online fitness awareness program on various social platforms, explains, “People were started getting ill with various health issue while trying to safeguard themselves from Covid19. Gyms were not functional and there was no way to get proper fitness training. People started to look for fitness training online. We were already running our fitness training program online using various social media platforms and millions of people get benefited from our online training. The main reason in boosting online fitness training is that there are no geographical restrictions. Anyone can get benefitted from anywhere. However, for online coaching, you have to be a good communicator. That is one skill we trainers have had to develop.”

‘Online fitness training helps save time, money and you can connect with trainers from anywhere in the world’

Virender added “Online fitness training was considered as an elite service earlier. The covid-19 changed that. Earlier only a few people were able to get online fitness training, but now millions of people watch our videos and get trained from the comfort of their homes.” People can get online nutrition advice, diet chart, training schedule etc.  Additionally, neither you nor trainer need to commute to the gym. I’ll advice everyone to be careful while choosing any fitness trainer online and you should follow your ‘s instructions carefully. Fitness is not a one-day game. It’s a process to transform your body into a healthy one, so never choose a shortcut to remain fit. 

There is at least a ten-fold increase in queries for fitness when it comes to virtual training”. If you’ll see comments on our Instagram or YouTube videos, you’ll see thousands of comments requesting tips and training to remain fit. Sometimes we’re not able to respond to many comments, but now we are backing up ourselves with modern technologies and very soon we will develop a system where we will be able to respond most of the users queries in real-time. I feel this love and affection for online fitness training will increase more in the future. In fact, very soon, like work from home, this will begin to replace the traditional physical training model,” says Virender.

He added, nutrition plays an important role in your fitness and everyone should take care whether you’re getting right nutrition to have a healthy body and mind. In today’s fast pace life most of us don’t focus on our fitness and that results into serious issues with our health as time passes. These online fitness awareness initiatives are helping millions who don’t have time to go to a gym. Celebrities like Bajarang Punia, Sapna Chaudhary, Kabir Duhan Singh, MD Desi Rockstar, Ajay Hooda, Nasir Khan have joined Virender for online nutrition and fitness training and these celebs have also appreciated his online nutrition and training mission on various social media platforms. Virender has a good following on social media platform like Instagram and YouTube and this fan following is growing fast day by day. His efforts to bring nutrition and fitness training online can change the way of working of Indian fitness industry. 

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