Where is Barbara Jarabica, asks wife of Mehul Choksi, slams Dominica, Antigua authorities

Breaking her silence for the first time in days, Priti Choksi, wife of Mehul Choksi involved in the mega PNB scam has questioned the disappearance of Barbara Jarabica and slamming the authorities of Antigua and Dominica for their handling of the case.

Barbara is the mysterious woman whose name cropped up in the case and is alleged to be the female accomplice who had a role in Choksi’s movement from Antigua to Dominica. Speaking to WION, Priti said, “Picture that is run of this person called Barbara is not even correct picture. Where is she, no one knows. If a crime occurred, and she saw it why is she not said anything. No one knows,” adding, “she is not traceable”.

Asked, who was she, Mrs Choksi explained, “She claims to be someone that works on the house renovation and she would come down to Antigua 2 or 3 times–she came in August, in April and now in May” and that “she has never met her”.

Mehul Choksi remains in Dominica even as his case is a court. He had disappeared from Antigua and Barbuda, a country whose citizenship he had taken after fleeing India only to be discovered in Dominica.

Mrs Choksi confirmed that she has spoken to her husband and he is “traumatized, has a lot of wounds, and has been mentally torched”, highlighting that “if the law is followed, he would be sent back to his country which is Antigua and Barbuda”.

Important to know, Antiguan PM Gaston Browne has said several times now that he would like Mehul Choksi to be sent back to India and his citizenship is not a settled matter. Reacting to PM’s comments, she said, “deeply anguished by his comments”, pointing out, “that at the same time Mr Gaston Browne has said that do not let him come back to Antigua because he will be protected by the constitution and laws of Antigua”, explaining, “why would he be protected by the constitution and laws if he was not a citizen of Antigua”.

She even slammed Dominica authorities saying, “If my husband was found in Dominica and he has said and I believe police have corroborated that he was kidnapped, where is that kidnapping case filed by Dominica’s police. Kidnapping is an international crime. but where is that case? Where is that boat, and the crew and why is their GPS turned off, today even”.

The issue has become a political hot potato in the Caribbean with opposition in both Antigua and Dominica slamming their governments over handling the issue. This movement from Antigua to Dominica has come under the spotlight as lawyers claim he was abducted while local authorities in Antigua say he went on his own accord.

Mrs Choksi said, “There was no reason for him to leave Antigua and Barbuda. He has 2 cases to answer here and both those cases in court and stays on both of them..even if loses the case he has the option to go to the supreme court of the Caribbean and the privy council. But no thought he would even lose, that is how strong his case is. What would the reason be for him to leave a place where he is safe”.

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