Viral video: Railway employee swaps passenger’s Rs 500 note for Rs 20, disciplinary action taken

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA Web Desk |Updated: Nov 27, 2022, 02:11 PM IST

A video of a railway worker at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station scamming a passenger out of cash has been shared online. On Friday, a user on Twitter going by the handle Rail Whispers posted the footage for everyone to see. According to the post’s description, the event occurred on a Tuesday.

A man working the ticket booth is shown in the video committing cash fraud. The train worker accepts 500 from the traveller but then tries to con him by giving him a 20 note in exchange and then asking for additional money to issue a ticket that costs 125.

The video quickly spread over social media once it was uploaded. The Northern Railways Delhi Division and Railway Seva both took notice (DRM Delhi NR). Concerned railway officials responded to the tweet by saying,
 “The employee has been taken up and disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against him”. 

Over 3,000 people have liked the video and it has over 195,600 views.

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#Nizamuddin station booking office
Date 22.11.22
Rs 500 converted into Rs 20 by the booking clerk.@GM_NRly @RailwayNorthern @drm_dli @RailMinIndia @AshwiniVaishnaw @IR_CRB @RailSamachar @VijaiShanker5 @PRYJ_Bureau @kkgauba @tnmishra111 @AmitJaitly5 pic.twitter.com/SH1xFOacxf
— RAILWHISPERS (@Railwhispers) November 24, 2022

The video was also reacted to by several internet users in the comment section. One Twitter user wrote, “Very normally they do in local ticket counters. Better CCTV on all counters will stop this loot.” Another user wrote, “This employee should be punished and should be dismissed from service with no pensionary benefits.” third user commented, “Same happened with me in 2016, Nizamuddin station.  At that time I had no such proof. I couldn’t do anything.”

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