Video of toddler and kitten drinking water from sprinkler wins internet; WATCH

When it comes to watching intriguing content on the internet, kids’ or animal videos never fail to entertain. There are multiple videos surfacing the internet every now and then. One such video has surfaced on social media, which shows a little boy drinking water from a pool sprinkler in a garden. A kitten also joins him, which becomes more adorable to watch.

The viral video opens up to show a toddler sitting aside the pool trying to drink water from the sprinkler at the pool. As the video progressed, it showed a kitten joining the little boy. As soon as the kitten starts drinking water with him, a smile appears on the boy’s face. The video was shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter with the caption “Stay hydrated.”

‘How adorable!’ say netizens

The adorable video has garnered around 2.6 million views accompanied by likes and comments. The video has also prompted many to express their views. A user wrote, “Unparalleled friendship”. A second user wrote, “This is worth all of Twitter.” A third user commented, “The best thing I’ve seen today”.

Best thing I’ve seen today

— William Hunter (@sadmaninarover) August 5, 2022

(Image: @buitengebieden/Twitter)

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