What’s new in the first Android 12 Developer Preview

We now have confidence got got at the least six more of these —

A entire bunch hidden facets, and hints that the leak from the opposite day is upright.

This green circle (we added the background) is the Android 12 logo, we guess.

Fabricate better / This green circle (we added the background) is the Android 12 worth, we wager.

The first Android 12 developer preview hit the streets Thursday, and we have got conducted with it for a day. There’s now not any lot to look at in this liberate—at the least now now not at the start. Many of the tantalizing bits are hidden, and the developer neighborhood is slowly enabling them. Many adjustments are half of-carried out alpha tweaks that will watch diversified in the closing liberate; in spite of every little thing, Google says these releases are for “attempting out and concepts.”

This first liberate of Android 12 is meant to salvage some APIs and other adjustments in entrance of of us for concepts, but additionally it is designed to now now not spill the beans too unheard of on what the closing bear of Android 12 will watch take care of. With that in mind, various the facets in an earlier Android 12 leak appear factual on the money. This public liberate is a sanitized bear with a form of stuff grew to seriously change off, however the more we flip on hidden flags and take away hints in the documentation, the more this bear appears take care of an exact halfway level between Android 11 and these leaked Android 12 screenshots.

The notification panel

  • The end abet bar is long gone, the entire colors are a small bit of diversified (and bluer), and the background is much less transparent.

    Ron Amadeo

  • More coloration differences in darkish mode.

    Ron Amadeo

  • Google’s developer medical doctors computer screen a assemble that appears more take care of the leaked photos.


  • Here is what the leak regarded take care of. It ragged the identical rounded corners because the developer medical doctors manufacture.

  • Unusual alternatives (which effect now now not appear to work) for the power media player.

    Ron Amadeo

Google can never let an Android liberate rush by without some notification adjustments, and this yr it appears take care of we’re getting a new assemble and about a other tweaks. Like every little thing else in the preview, we’re top seemingly getting a half of-carried out watch at things right here.

There are a form of coloration adjustments. Within the shipping preview code, the notification panel picks a background coloration that has an exact blue tint to it when put next to the pure white of Android 11. The grew to seriously change-off rapid settings buttons are blue now, too, in set of grey. As soon as you switch on darkish mode, you will salvage a notification panel that’s darkish grey in set of gloomy. It be suspicious that every person the colors in this bear appear a small bit diversified, and the Android 12 leak we seen earlier hinted at fully customizable colors for every little thing (potentially in retaining with the wallpaper). The entire coloration adjustments we’re seeing now shall be a small bit uncommon defaults that shall be changed sooner than liberate. Finally, changing colors is imagined to be very easy now.

As for other adjustments, app icons in the notification panel watch diversified; they are normally fully white icons inner a coloured circle. I judge they’re the use of the identical artwork because the effect bar icons now, which would add a nice bit of consistency.

There are new settings for the power media player notification that used to be introduced in Android 11. As soon as you dig in to the settings, it appears take care of you must perhaps perhaps perhaps also now ban particular person apps from exhibiting up in the power media player. There is a half known as “Allowed apps” and a bunch of checkboxes; they supreme effect now now not appear to fabricate something factual now.

The grotesque gloomy bar at the tip of the notification panel has been removed, and the background panel is more transparent. We hope Google change this sooner than the closing liberate because of the panel is currently so transparent that it is easy to confuse background app graphics with the notification panel. Some have confidence speculated that we’re lacking a background blur. A brand new “RenderEffect” API basically makes it easy to blur elements.

As soon as you watch at Google’s developer documents, you will watch a definite notification assemble with more rounded corners, which goes up effectively with the leak.

The “Silky Home” settings

  • As soon as you permit “Silky Home” you will salvage this crazy new settings assemble. It be potentially unfinished.

    Ron Amadeo

  • Exact take care of on a Samsung phone, the header at the tip gets better and smaller as you scroll. You’re going to be ready to drag down the tip of the checklist to attain it better.

    Ron Amadeo

  • Silky Home traces up completely with the leak.

    Ron Amadeo / XDA Builders

  • The declare of alternatives is diversified, some alternatives had been break up up, and the white set is out of preserve a watch on.

    Ron Amadeo

Many of the tantalizing facets of Android 11 are hidden things we are now now not imagined to look at but. One in all these fun additions is a hidden “Silky Home” flag for the settings, which used to be chanced on by Android Authority’s Joe Hindy and XDA’s Mishaal Rahman. The characteristic flag makes the settings work loads take care of they manufacture on a Samsung phone, the set a tall header at the tip of every checklist pushes the tip of the checklist down so as that it’s simpler to attain whereas the use of the phone one-handed. We praised this characteristic when it debuted on Samsung telephones, and it’s a factual characteristic right here as effectively. Confidently, this could seriously change the predominant checklist model on Android. It be but one other thing that traces up with the earlier Android 12 leak.

Many of the liberate aloof appears to be damaged, although. The critical page of the settings doesn’t have confidence a heading that claims “Settings,” so in set of a neatly suited title, the Silky Home flag appears to be to explode the first bit of textual divulge it can preserve a retain of. On this case, you salvage a huge “Explore Pixel Tricks,” which is most often half of a rotating carousel of settings concepts. The staunch settings checklist gets a ton of white set, and each entry loses all of its descriptive sub-textual divulge, which makes it more sturdy to search out settings.

There are three new sections now. “Apps & Notifications” is separated into “Apps” and “Notifications,” and new sections “Kinds & Wallpapers” and “Security & Emergency” assemble an appearance. Kinds & Wallpapers supreme fires up the present home screen settings, the set you must perhaps perhaps perhaps also dangle from wallpapers, icon shapes, and the icon grid structure. Many users potentially have confidence a topic discovering this page by the favorite map—prolonged-pressing on a blank set of the home screen—so this appears to be take care of a factual recommendation. The “Security & Emergency” half, which is also on hand without the Silky Home flag, appears to be to supreme be the Pixel’s Private Security app.

The declare of the settings checklist is rearranged, and it appears take care of the checklist is being damaged up into logical sections with white set. It indubitably feels take care of the sections must aloof salvage headings take care of they had in older versions of Android. Community & Linked Gadgets appears take care of the “connectivity” half. Apps, Notifications, and Digital Wellbeing are all app-related. The community with Battery Storage, Sound, and Camouflage appears take care of the “Hardware” half, and many others.


This is Android 12’s one-handed mode – fully working. Sadly, it’s take care of Apple’s Reachability (vertically downsizing) in set of OHM on most OEM system (each and each horizontal and vertical downsizing).

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) February 18, 2021

It be now now not supreme settings that are prioritizing reachability. Rahman also chanced on a hidden one-handed mode that appears to be to work the identical scheme because it does in iOS. As soon as this characteristic is grew to seriously change on, a swipe down in the gesture set will assemble the tip of the screen shoot down, allowing you to raised attain the controls.

Rahman also chanced on one other secret characteristic that turns a down-swipe gesture staunch into a tool-huge map to open the notification panel, one other characteristic that saves users from reaching all  the tip of the screen. Honest correct now, it appears to be take care of you will favor to comprehend both easy notification opening or the one-handed mode, since each and each facets use the identical gesture.


That is quite unheard of it for the predominant adjustments. It appears take care of Google is attempting to set many of the tall stuff for without reference to create Google I/O takes later this yr. As traditional, there could be an officially printed timeline promising releases every month from right here till at the least August.

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