Twitter reacts to rumors of Carson Wentz potentially landing with Bears

The Chicago Bears were expected to be gigantic avid gamers within the quarterback market this offseason, and that’s undoubtedly confirmed to be shining even earlier than free company and the NFL draft.

With several quarterbacks on or rumored to be on the transfer this offseason, the Bears were mentioned with all of them — Deshaun Watson, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr and now Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles were receiving aggressive provides from teams across the league for Wentz, and it sounds adore it’s a subject of when Wentz finds a original home.

There were rumors flying around the Web that have linked Wentz to the Bears, which would fetch sense given John DeFilippo’s presence and Matt Nagy’s offense. Peaceable, they’re simply rumors at this level.

Naturally, Twitter had loads to inform about speculation that Wentz might perchance also be traded to the Bears. And most of it, as you potentially can also rob, wasn’t somewhat.

January fifth: Deshaun Watson to Bears rumors

January 28th: Jimmy G to Bears rumors

January 29th: Matthew Stafford to Bears rumors

February 2nd: Derek Carr to Bears rumors

February fifth: Carson Wentz to Bears rumors

I cannot compose this for one other 7 weeks, guys.

— Brendan Sugrue (@BrendanSugrue) February 5, 2021

If the Bears in actuality commerce something of significance for Carson Wentz, I’d end in Tampa, prefer a condo boat, and shining let myself float out to sea.

— Robert Mays (@robertmays) February 5, 2021

If you potentially can also be a #Bears fan and you potentially can also be in actuality AGAINST the postulate of Carson Wentz because the QB repair in Chicago? I fetch no longer know what to inform.

If Wentz finally ends up somewhere between his 2017 and 2020 variations, he’ll be the staunch QB in franchise historical past.

Manufacture the deal, Ryan.

— Bryan Perez (@BryanPerezNFL) February 5, 2021

prayer circle.


🙏🏻 🙏🏻

🙏🏻 Wentz 🙏🏻

🙏🏻 Now now not being   🙏🏻

🙏🏻 a Have. 🙏🏻

🙏🏻 🙏🏻


— Cairo Santos Appreciation Club (@CairoDinero) February 5, 2021

I’m no longer ready for the Carson Wentz commerce notification

— Ryan Neal (@Rwilliamneal) February 5, 2021

Carson Wentz when he walks into the Bears locker room, and he sees Slash Foles.

— nation of sirianni (@NationOfEagles) February 5, 2021

I compose no longer mediate the Wentz to Bears rumors so attributable to this fact I will no longer thunder on them

– signed by somebody who sincerely hopes the Bears compose no longer fetch Carson Wentz

— Eddie (@EddieBarstool) February 5, 2021

If the Bears compose certainly fetch a transfer for Carson Wentz. I couldn’t detest on it but I furthermore couldn’t he throwing a ticker tape parade for it either. I will turn my consideration in direction of the draft.

My 2 ask with a Wentz deal:

What’s the designate?

Will Foles be headed support to Philly?

— Greg Braggs Jr. (@GBraggsJr23) February 5, 2021

I will snatch Carson Wentz to the Bears but no longer on the expense of sending a first spherical have.

That’s shining crazy.

— Dave (@runbackdave) February 5, 2021

I wager Foles and Wentz playing on the identical group 3 years ago that received a Immense Bowl who fired its head coach weeks ago counts within the collaboration division for the Bears

— Leila Rahimi (@leilarahimi) February 5, 2021

If the #Bears compose fetch Wentz for reputable designate (3rd spherical have, 2022 2nd) I’ll be at peace with it. Something better and I deem the bet is a bit too terrible

— Robert Schmitz (@robertkschmitz) February 5, 2021

Me staring at for bears twitter to blow up if we in actuality fetch Carson Wentz

— Christine 🦋 (@iTsLittleOldMe) February 5, 2021

Sizzling snatch. Bears are shopping and selling for Carson Wentz to release Slash Foles shining capability. #beardown

— Jim Romanek (@jproman11) February 5, 2021

I shining watched three minutes of a Carson Wentz 2020 highlights tape and seen him connect on more deep shots than I will take into account Trubisky hitting in four years. #Bears #DaBears

— Mike (@MikeTalksBears) February 5, 2021

I’m OK with the Wentz as a result of if he can rediscover his mojo of 2017, Bears might perchance stumble into something special

Nevertheless here is the sorrowful truth


“Mitchell Trubisky played critically better than Carson Wentz final season and it be no longer even in actuality debatable”#DaBears

— Malcom C. Riley III (@MalcomRiley22) February 5, 2021

I love the postulate of Wentz on the Bears and I’m for depart more within the neighborhood that potential 2020 used to be a fluke season for him. Upside is gigantic. Hurt risk is furthermore somewhat gigantic. He’s an assist over what they have had though

— Nathan Erbach (@Nathan_Erbach) February 5, 2021

If the Bears fetch Wentz, and they offer up their 1st this season… I’m severely desirous about revoking my fandom unless this regime is out.

— NFL Mock Draft Database (@nflmockdraftdb) February 5, 2021

Logs onto Twitter and sees Wentz to the Bears.

Logs support out all every other time.

— Mr English Have (@MrEnglishBear) February 5, 2021

My 2 cents:

Carson Wentz is now not in actuality an assist from Mitchell Trubisky. He’s the identical quarterback who already purchased the burly extension. If you potentially can also be frustrated with Mitchell, you potentially can also be gonna detest Carson.

Repair the system sooner than you start up figuring out the next “savior”#Bears

— Tab Bamford (@The1Tab) February 5, 2021

if the Bears give up resources for Carson Wentz I will toss something into the wall

— Adam Studzinski (@trislerstudz) February 5, 2021

If the Bears give up something greater than a third for Wentz, fire Tempo out of a cannon

— Blake (@SoldierFieldBlg) February 5, 2021

Pete Wentz in a Have costume > Carson Wentz

— Midway Minute (@MidwayMinute) February 5, 2021

Nagy is a Taurus 🐂 and Wentz is a Capricorn 🐐.

— 🅑🅔🅐🅡🅢🅖🅡🅛 (@BearsGrl80) February 5, 2021

Please consume Carson Wentz a ways from the Bears. Nothing about him is appealing: no longer his play, no longer his contract, no longer his personality. NOTHING. Grand circulation for me ❌

— Faizan Qurashi (@FaizanQurashi) February 5, 2021

*please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz please be talking in regards to the Bears and Wentz*

— Sarah Spain (@SarahSpain) February 5, 2021

Carson Wentz might perchance designate the #Bears several Day 2 picks, and Derek Carr might perchance also designate as critical as two Round 1 picks.

At that level, shining offer all the pieces however the kitchen sink for Deshaun Watson. He’s plan better than each and every. If you potentially can also be giving up that critical for a QB, lumber gigantic or lumber home.

— Jacob Infante (@jacobinfante24) February 5, 2021

IF the Carson Wentz sweepstakes is down to the Colts & Bears, you better mediate the response will be vastly completely different looking out on who he goes to.

Ballard will be “neat” within the occasion that they land Wentz & Tempo will be laughed at if the Bears compose.

It’s shining the criminal guidelines of the land.

— Aaron Leming (@AaronLemingNFL) February 5, 2021

I know we’re all pointing and laughing on the Bears shining now, but wait unless Chicago starts Carson Wentz this season and then Slash Foles within the playoffs, and seek for who is laughing final.

— Soccer Standpoint (@fbgchase) February 5, 2021

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