So Intel are placing a media embargo so as that of us toddle out eradicate a…

Intel has already confirmed that its 11th skills desktop processors (Rocket Lake-S) would advance inner Q1 2021, that might furthermore merely show why we believe considered so many benchmark results of Rocket Lake-S chips acting online not too long previously. In accordance with Wccftech, it is purchased wind that Intel will officially unveil the Rocket Lake-S series on March 16 at 08: 00 PT (-08: 00 UTC).

Additionally, the secure dwelling provides that pre-orders will originate at present, allowing folk to steal up the likes of the Core i9-11900Satisfactory and the Core i7-11700KF on originate day. Sadly, Intel will not birth up shipping any Rocket Lake-S processors till March 30.

Moreover, Wccftech asserts that Intel has location a review embargo for March 30, too. Curiously, Intel will enable retail outlets to submit Rocket Lake-S opinions from 06: 00 PT (-08: 00 UTC). If these dates are correct, then there will likely be a fourteen-day window whereby folk can bid Rocket Lake-S processors with out relating to honest benchmark and performance records.

Undoubtedly, Intel will submit benchmark and performance records about the Rocket Lake-S series, because it has already started doing. On the other hand, the firm has been caught the utilize of selective benchmark records to promote its products, so there just isn’t a system to make certain that this can furthermore merely behave any in a different way with the Rocket Lake-S originate.

While the above might furthermore merely set off about a fear bells, leaked benchmarks suggest that Rocket Lake-S processors strengthen upon Intel’s most novel product stack in various areas. Whether or not it goes to outperform AMD’s Vermeer processors is a outlandish quiz although, and one to which we are in a position to ideal give a definitive answer when we are in a position to submit our Rocket Lake-S opinions.

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