Samsung Galaxy S21 evaluation: A top rate cellphone that’s a massive ticket

The Galaxy S21 is one of the correct $800 telephones I’ve ever feeble.

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The Galaxy S21 will seemingly be the smartest cellphone Samsung has ever made. Admire the iPhone 12, it doesn’t non-public the correct specs or the greatest show cloak cloak. But it completely delivers the place it counts, at a ticket that’s very attainable for a cellphone with a elephantine complement of 5G, a high-cease camera, and the most up-to-date Snapdragon processor. At $800, $29 decrease than the iPhone 12, and staunch $100 extra than the Pixel 5 and Galaxy S20 FE, the S21 is already a a lot contender for smartphone of the twelve months.

Android and Galaxy enthusiasts will moan and wail over the things which will seemingly be missing, which is totally an impressive prolonged checklist: 12GB of RAM, QuadHD+ decision, expandable microSD storage, MST fee toughen, earbuds, a tumbler attend, and a charger. But if you aren’t the extra or less one that dives deep into spec sheets, the S21 will give you all the pieces you’d like in a 2021 smartphone at a ticket that won’t set your eyes water.

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A in point of fact favorite scheme

Samsung’s smartphone scheme has become a little bit of predictable in present years, as bezels shrank and camera arrays grew. But the S21 is something truly varied with an Apple-like diploma of attention to scheme.

galaxy s21 camera edge Michael Simon/IDG

The threshold of the S21 extends into the camera array.

The pictures here don’t truly end it justice. Samsung incorporated the camera array into the metal band that connects the show cloak cloak to the attend, which serves each to gash the bump and set it drift greater into the total scheme of the cellphone. It’s one of the finest camera modules I’ve viewed that doesn’t truly feel prefer it became once tacked on, and it makes the cellphone truly truly feel like a cohesive unibody enclosure.

The camera scheme isn’t staunch about looks. The place the S20 became once extremely top-heavy and a little bit of clunky to wait on, the S21 feels a lot lighter despite truly weighing extra than its predecessor (171 grams vs 163 grams). The unique camera array provides reasonably of steadiness to the S21 and makes it a lot extra good to wait on for longer lessons of time.

galaxy s21 camera view Michael Simon/IDG

The Galaxy S21

Additionally helping the burden distribution is the choice of materials. You most most certainly wouldn’t comprehend it to glance at it, but the S21 is made of “reinforced polycarbonate” to preserve costs down. It smooth feels extra top rate than the Pixel 4a attributable to its weight, and the texture feels nearer to aluminum or frosted glass than the plastic topic fabric it is far.

A enormous show cloak cloak even with sacrifices

Around the front, the S21 has the the same 6.2-jog level to because the S20, surrounded by very skinny bezels. The show cloak cloak is flat here rather then curved, but the visible distinction is minor. The cellphone is de facto a little bit of narrower (151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm vs 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9mm) which capability that, making it more straightforward to wait on and pretty less at risk of unintended touches.

galaxy s21 refresh Michael Simon/IDG

The 120Hz refresh rate on the S21 is adaptive now to save battery.

Additionally less accident-inclined is the fingerprint sensor. Samsung is smooth using an ultrasonic scanner constructed into the level to, but it completely’s better and faster than the previous sensor within the S20. The distinction is noticeable and decrease down dramatically on my errant scans. It’s now no longer rather as consistently appropriate because the physical sensor within the Pixel 5, and I’d a lot purchase a 3D facial scanner, but when it truly works, it feels nearer to a top rate biometric.

Admire the S10e and S20 FE, the S21’s show cloak cloak tops out at Beefy HD (2400×1080), the bottom for a historical S21 in some time. Very like the plastic attend, nonetheless, you’ll need very discerning eyes to glance the deficit of pixels. In every other case, it’s staunch as intellectual, shiny, and rapid as earlier than, and it’s reasonably extra environment pleasant too. The S21 has the the same rapid 120Hz refresh rate because the S20, but a brand unique “Adaptive” atmosphere dials it attend to 48Hz when now no longer in use. You might perchance maybe likely likely also smooth voice it to 60Hz, but I’m a lot extra overjoyed with recommending it raise on 120Hz now.

Additionally unique to the S21 level to is an adaptive blue light filter that robotically adjusts the show cloak cloak’s colors per the time of day. It’s identical to Apple’s Night Shift and an upgraded version of Samsung’s non-public blue light filter that has shipped for years. Whenever you’ve already been using it, it won’t set all that a lot of a distinction moreover now it’s known as “Stare Comfort Protect.”

galaxy s21 plastic Michael Simon/IDG

The attend of the S21 is plastic, but you won’t truly see that.

Even with a a little bit of gimmicky unique feature and decrease decision, the S21 is smooth one of the correct smartphone screens I’ve ever feeble. Whenever you compare them side by side as I did, it is possible you’ll maybe maybe likely likely also present that the Extremely in all equity superior, but the compromises Samsung made with the S21 are acceptable and unnoticeable despite the truth that you exercise many hours having a take a study your show cloak cloak everyday.

Quick and prolonged-lasting

The Galaxy S21 uses the most up-to-date Snapdragon processor, the 888, so efficiency is as you’d question: horny. Even with “staunch” 8GB of RAM (4GB fewer than the S20), apps, animations, and transitions fly around the show cloak cloak.

That has largely to end with Qualcomm’s enormous-rapid 5nm machine-on-chip. Benchmarks posted a modest elevate over the S20’s 865 chip, but there are a spread of enhancements that won’t present up within the favorite assessments. Most critically, the chip now has an integrated 5G modem to raise greater energy effectivity. Samsung is also using UFS 3.1 storage for noticeable faster read/write speeds:

S20 (UFS 3.0)

Sequential read: 1,592.46 MBps

Sequential write: 662.75 MBps

Random read: 45,172.27 IOPS

Random write: 33,764.08 IOPS

S21 (UFS 3.1)

Sequential read: 1,861 MBps

Sequential write: 782.63 MBps

Random read: 75,319.69 IOPS

Random write: 67,353.96 IOPS

These are the extra or less twelve months-over-twelve months enhancements you question from a Samsung flagship. They topic less if you’re coming from an S20 and even an S10, but upgrading from an S8 shall be a noticeable improvement. Smartphones had been rapid ample for a few years now, but shrimp things can set a massive distinction in how rapid they truly feel, like W-Fi 6 and 5G, each of that are on board.

galaxy s21 camera array Michael Simon/IDG

The honour in colors between the camera array and the attend is extremely good on the S21.

A pair of necessary things are missing. The MFT chip that allow you to to use Samsung Pay at older bank card terminals is long past, and the ultra-wideband chip predominant for precisely locating Samsungs’s SmartTags isn’t here both (you’ll bring together it on the S21+ and S21 Extremely though). You furthermore mght won’t be ready to amplify the 128GB of deplorable storage with a microSD card like in Galaxies past—that slot is long past. But like the show cloak cloak, those are acceptable sacrifices that few users are inclined to see.

The S21 has the the same 4,000mAh battery because the S20, but the integrated modem as successfully because the adaptive, decrease-decision level to support it closing a little bit of longer. In benchmarks, I approached 10 hours, and in fashioned use, I now no longer customarily had to concern about charging until the cease of the day. I build it someplace between the iPhone 12 and 12 mini, which is to direct the battery lifestyles is extremely factual.

The Galaxy S21 ships with One UI 3.1 per Android 11, making it the earliest cellphone Samsung has shipped with the most up-to-date version of Android. Samsung presents a dizzying array of customization and personalization alternatives, but despite the truth that you allow the stock settings as-is, it’s one of the greater Android skins.

galaxy s21 fingerprint sensor Michael Simon/IDG

The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the S21 is faster than it’s ever been.

You’ll smooth non-public to take care of Bixby and occasional commercials for Samsung apps and products, but it is possible you’ll maybe maybe likely likely also set the the same criticisms about the iPhone 12. Plus you’re assured to bring together three elephantine generations of updates, so the S21 will bring together Android 14, the the same promise Google makes with the Pixel 5. With any luck, important updates shall be delivered quicker by then, but both formulation, making an are attempting to receive a top rate Samsung cellphone is now no longer a guessing game when it involves Android toughen.

Quiet a in point of fact factual camera 

For the first time in a whereas, the Galaxy S21 has the explicit associated camera hardware because the Galaxy S20, with 12MP huge and ultrawide lenses and a 30X hybrid optical Converse Zoom telephoto lens. Admire Apple and Google, nonetheless, Samsung has performed work at the attend of the scenes to elevate the typical, so the photos you snap with the S21 shall be reasonably greater than they’d be from the S20.

galaxy s21 camera edge Michael Simon/IDG

The threshold of the S21 extends into the camera array.

Other than for zoomed photos, nonetheless, the photos I took with the S21 smooth aren’t rather as factual because the ones I took with the iPhone 12. The variations attain down to shrimp bits of detail here, white steadiness there. Samsung has surely delicate the S21’s portray-taking expertise, but there’s smooth room for improvement.

s21 detail photo comp Michael Simon/IDG

On this shot of a flower, the S21 (left) blew out the colors and detail reasonably whereas the iPhone 12 (center) and Pixel 5 (honest) dealt with the intellectual surrounding light successfully.

Most critically, the S21 tended to brighten photos excessively even when night mode wasn’t activated, which generally ended in blown-out shrimp print and washed-out colors. As it is possible you’ll maybe maybe likely likely also inspect within the image above, one of the important shrimp print of the stamen and the petals are misplaced attributable to overexposure. You might perchance maybe likely likely also inspect some shrimp struggles with night mode below as in comparison with the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5. All over again, these are grievous examples which will seemingly be very nitpicky. Total, the color accuracy and focal level is inviting, and it became once very straightforward to snap like a flash photos with horny outcomes.

s21 night comp photos Michael Simon/IDG

In unlit photos, the S21 tended to overly brighten photos so they misplaced some detail as viewed here on this shot. All three telephones did extremely successfully shooting a in point of fact unlit scene but the S21 (left) missed reasonably of the detail that the iPhone 12 (center) and Pixel 5 (honest) grabbed.

Alternatively, as you’ll inspect in my upcoming S21 Extremely evaluation, the diversities are rather noticeable. It’s frustrating that cellphone makers are reserving the correct cameras for telephones with the greatest screens, but when pictures is severe to you, it is most realistic to surely non-public in mind the Extremely, even at a $400 top rate.

Whenever you engage a Galaxy S21?

Whenever you boil it down, the Galaxy S21 isn’t all that varied from the S20. It has the the same measurement show cloak cloak and the the same camera, alongside with less RAM and a decrease decision. You’re also giving up a microSD card slot.

galaxy s21 back Michael Simon/IDG

The Galaxy S21 has a scheme that’s truly distinctive.

But those changes won’t be all that noticeable to most users, and it comes with a nice $200 ticket decrease over the S20. At $800, the Galaxy S21 is one of the correct top rate smartphone bargains I’ve viewed in years. You’re also now no longer going to receive a Snapdragon 888 cellphone for less until the 2nd half of of 2021.

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  • The Galaxy S21 cuts easiest ample to raise the worth down without sacrificing what makes it a massive cellphone.


    • Handsome scheme with an impossible show cloak cloak
    • Sizable efficiency and battery lifestyles
    • Refined UI enhancements set an total greater experience


    • Some users will trek over the microSD card slot
    • The camera is de facto the the same because the S20

Michael Simon covers all things cellular for PCWorld and Macworld. You might perchance maybe likely likely customarily receive him alongside with his nose buried in a show cloak cloak. The teach formulation to screech at him is on Twitter.

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