Safety initiative helps truck drivers bag ‘defective roads’ under the microscope

A crowdsourced site is letting truck drivers roar and focus on concerns on sections of avenue within South Australia and Victoria’s trees and agriculture-wealthy Green Triangle.

Key aspects:

  • An interactive instrument lets in truck drivers to title avenue components sooner than accidents occur
  • The trial of the protection initiative is before all the pieces within the Green Triangle
  • Files will be collated and offered to avenue owners

Truckspot is an on-line instrument that lets drivers provide a snapshot of things or tips by marking them on an interactive arrangement.

The project has been administered by the Nationwide Heavy Automotive Regulator alongside side Safe Freight Networks Australia (SFNA), and its trial will focal point on roads in western Victoria and the south-east of South Australia.

SFNA chief govt officer John Ernst said the arrangement of the project became to web the data and use it to make stronger the protection of roads within the accumulate site sooner than an accident passed off.

He said a quantity of the funding of roads became round black roar funding.

“They wait unless accidents occur and, unfortunately, somebody’s been killed. After which retrospectively they’ll return and boom ‘Oh yes, we must upgrade this avenue’ or ‘We desire to retain out this form of therapy to the avenue’.

Mr Ernst said the novel initiative gave the drivers that energy.

“What we’re hoping for through this methodology is that they’ll expose us and we are in a position to shut up with truck spotting in decision to black spotting areas,” he said.

“So avenue owners have obtained a valid stake on this project and they’re already exhibiting gigantic interest on legend of they clearly desire to use money the attach aside it’s well-known.”

Voice of roads is unhealthy

Jodi Fry operates a transport change in western Victoria and she slammed the novel roar of the roads within the Green Triangle.

“Let’s boom, the Woolsthorpe-Heywood Road, which is a selected transport route, is for the most portion a single-lane, 50-kilometre stretch, and that lane is potholed and the shoulders are potholed.

“Whenever you meet a truck on that avenue and it is a must want to bag off the edge of the avenue it goes to even be a topple-off of [20 centimetres] in some areas … so it is a unhealthy speak.”

A logging truck on the road next to a sign saying

The Green Triangle is closely veteran by broad logging trucks.(ABC South East SA: Isadora Bogle)

She said the uncomfortable avenue infrastructure became moreover rising the injury and streak on trucks.

“On every occasion a truck is taken off the avenue for maintenance it expenses that company in downtime for the work that they’ll not bag performed,” she said.

“To be fairly appropriate too grand of that, love we survey in our plot, can basically set a company under severe monetary rigidity.”

Easy and effective instrument to utilize

Mr Ernst said the instrument became accessible through phone and became easy to utilize.

“Truck drivers valid title areas on the arrangement that they’ve had concerns about and write some notes about that,” he said.

A person holds a phone open on a

Porthaul driver Tim Atkins uses the Truckspot site on the avenue at Mount Gambier.(ABC South East SA: Todd Lewis)

Ms Fry entreated companies to bag within the support of the initiative.

“I could possibly perchance possibly valid capture to bag the total transport companies, in explicit, to form an effort to bag onto the accumulate site and spotlight the areas of perfect venture,” she said.

“Then now we have something to swagger on, and set rigidity on, to bag these roads up to scratch.”

Truck drivers can access the interactive mapping instrument at

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