Puerto Ricans mute don’t assemble loyal drinking water, and fears of contamination are rising


Successfully, let me show you this.

The governor of Puerto Rico said this morning that he’s attentive to those experiences and that they are having a seek into it. What’s referring to, William, is that three weeks after the storm and on the least a week after the allegations first surfaced that contributors might well additionally very well be trying to drink from toxic wells at what’s is named Superfund sites, the governor of Puerto Rico is mute asserting, we’re having a seek into it and telling folks to preserve out of rivers where sewage will be spilling into the river.

And, he said, we desire them to steer clear of the coastal areas.

How are folks doing? They’re mute desperate to assemble water. No one appears to be so as to determine uncover how to assemble ample water to each single particular person on that island who wants it. And as lengthy as folks need water, it be mute an emergency share.

Virtually four weeks later, nobody appears to be so as to switch from the emergency to the recovery.



Survey, they’ve bought the PVC pipes tapped into the mountains in issue that it be coming out of the stream that device. They most frequently actually are — I noticed a lady stroll as much as a potable water tank that the militia had brought in, and he or she had a Clorox bottle.

And I said, “Ma’am, you are putting drinkable water in a Clorox bottle?”

And he or she said, “It’s all I assemble bought.”

Now, that changed into as soon as a factual wretchedness. The assorted instances are folks correct now who’re drinking from streams and creeks and rivers who assemble no longer assemble any water filters, who assemble nothing, correct? They’re merely taking this water.

Now, hear, the authorities bought 1,000,000 water-purifying pills within the final week. It took nearly three weeks to assemble those. Now there is a immense push to herald water filters.

I assemble bought to expose you, many of the water filters I’m seeing brought in are coming from the personal sector, and civilian samaritans who’re getting 1,000 or extra from the mainland and flying them over to Puerto Rico and in my idea hand-handing over them.


The two men running the ship suggested us that halt to 87 p.c of the ship is empty. Sounds alarming, correct? They’ve 200 beds, and 87 p.c are empty.

Now, here’s what they said: We stand ready for no matter the authorities wishes to realize. We are ready to be suggested by the authorities.

So, I went to the governor, and said precisely what’s occurring. And he said: “Survey, I’m no longer tickled with what the protocol changed into as soon as from the initiating.”

He said, originally, they were prioritizing handiest basically the most critically sick sufferers traipse to the Consolation. And he said there changed into as soon as a layered course of that changed into as soon as complicating things.

So, the governor, Ricardo Rossello, said: “I started to bewitch out some of those layers, and I, said, hear, bewitch folks on the ship who is perhaps no longer critically sick, nonetheless need factual medical care and might well well no longer assemble it on the well being facility, where the lights are flickering and the A.C. is no longer running.”

That’s what the governor said.

Within a matter of hours, I purchased a tweet from a third-three hundred and sixty five days medical student who said: “Let me show you what a nightmare it has been to reach the Consolation.”

He said: “We assemble bought a pediatric affected person who desperately wishes to assemble off this island, either to a well being facility on the mainland or to the Consolation.”

And he said: “I went thru Google and the local newspaper to procure the number. I might well well no longer procure it.”

Now, here is how things work. Within about 30 minutes of that tweet going out and that medical student’s story being posted, the governor’s spokesperson answered with numbers that wants so as to succor.

The base line here, William, is that asking relentless questions and the factual work of journalism is what’s making a contrast there. It’s nobody particular person. There’s no plucky work that’s being performed by any journalist, various than of us which would be going abet to the same officers and asking a few of the same questions, relentlessly looking out for the suitable reply that might produce a contrast.


So, the transport containers you are talking about, about 3,000 sitting within the Port of San Juan, had been moved out, no longer all of them, nonetheless a majority of them.

They most frequently were intended for grocery stores round the island. Accurate? So, those were non-public companies that had brought in these transport containers, paid for the affords, nonetheless might well well no longer switch them because their truck drivers were either at dwelling, since the dwelling had been destroyed, or the boulevard changed into as soon as impassable.

Increasingly affords are getting out. But let me show you, the grocery stores round the island, they’ve a form of nonperishables, Pringles, candy, cookies, all on the shelf.

But whereas you traipse to the meat share, it be halt to 75 p.c empty on the stores we assemble now been to, the assemble share 90 p.c empty. And finding bottled water there might be kind of love taking part in a sport.

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