Police Shielding My Fiancé Who Poured Sizzling Stew On Me After Discovering He Had Low Sperm Rely ─ Lady

A younger lady, Mary Sunday, has alleged that she turned into assaulted by Isaac Gbanwuan, her fiancé, who’s additionally a policeman after discovering that he had a low sperm count about a weeks to our marriage.


Mary urged SaharaReporters that her fiancé, Gbanwuan, turned into diagnosed with low sperm count about a weeks to their marriage ceremony, and thinking she would proceed him, he beat her up and poured sizzling stew on her alongside a lit stove in the course of.


She talked about that though he had been positioned on medications, Gbanwuan suspected every mobile phone call she had turned into from an imaginary lover and accused her of having an affair with men round her, along with her pastor.


She talked about, “He turned into diagnosed with zero sperm count and turned into positioned on medication. He started suspecting every call that I had on my mobile phone. He accused me of looking to toddle away on story of his jam. Everybody round me then, as long as which you would possibly want to well be a man, strive and be going out with me. He called all people, along with my pastors, and accused them of having an affair with me.

“We already had our introduction, we were about to mark our outdated marriage after I chanced on he had the challenges.

“I threatened to proceed him if he did not adhere to the physician’s advice nonetheless I did not mean it though. I appropriate wished him to procure his prescription severely.”

Narrating the incident that led to her deformation, Sunday talked about she had adopted Gbanwuan to the sanatorium for his therapy and while coming relieve, she got a call from her aunt who turned into on her plot to Lagos from Akwa Ibom Train.

She talked about the language barrier between them and the long conversation she had along with her aunt made Gbanwuan paranoid.

“Gbanwuan suspected that I turned into calling one other man and had potentially disclosed his medical situation to the actual person, that I could possibly maybe not consult with a fellow lady for this kind of prolonged interval. Straight we got dwelling, he started beating me. He’s from Benue Train while I am from Akwa Ibom Train, so he doesn’t perceive my language. I attempted to convince him nonetheless he saved on beating me.

“When I could possibly maybe not bear the beating anymore, I definite to power myself out of his room and ran to his neighbour who turned into additionally his very honest buddy at Pedro Police Barracks, Shomolu. I went to her to seem refuge nonetheless Gbanwuan chased after me. She turned into in her kitchen cooking stew. I shouted for wait on and he or she speedy spoke back. She tried to end Gbanwuan while I turned into hiding behind her; the entire kicks and punches Gbanwuan threw at me landed on her physique.”

Sunday talked about the neighbour got tired at a definite point and determined to proceed the duo, in particular as Gbanwuan persisted warning the lady no longer to interfere in his family matters.

“I escaped into the kitchen after I saw she had left me to face Gbanwuan. Interestingly, he overpowered me and had access to the kitchen. I shot the door. I attempted to lock it from interior nonetheless could possibly maybe not as Gbanwuan turned into pushing it from originate air. He came in, the lit stove with the stew that turned into on it, he dumped the entirety on my physique. The stove exploded and I turned into on fire. I ran out of the kitchen looking out for water. Of us downstairs saw me lined in flames and ran to my rescue. They poured water on me and toddle me to the sanatorium.”

In accordance along with her, she turned into taken to Christiana Health center, a non-public sanatorium I. Shomolu. 

She talked about Gbanwuan utterly visited her to mock her. She talked about she spent about four months at Christiana Health center and that her medical funds were paid by her family.

“Later, they dragged Gbanwuan to Pedro Police Barracks where the invoice turned into fracture up into two for my family and Gbanwuan. He signed an endeavor to pay in instalments. The physician at the sanatorium paid share of the invoice. Gbanwuan paid N90, 000, my family paid N140, 000 and the comfort turned into paid by the physician. The invoice turned into round N300, 000.”

Mary talked about she turned into later transferred to the Nationwide Orthopaedic Health center, Igbobi, Lagos, where she spent 6 months. She talked about Gbanwuan never visited her at the sanatorium nor paid the medical invoice.

“Three phases of surgeries were performed; I turned into later referred to India for reconstructive surgeries. My family paid the funds that were almost N2 million. I turned into discharged and referred to India for corrective surgeries.”

The survivor additionally alleged that while on admission at the orthopedic sanatorium, Gbanwuan despatched a textual say message to her sister, telling her that Sunday could possibly maybe cross on.

She talked about just a few weeks later, her sister acquired movies and photos of Gbanwuan’s outdated marriage on her mobile phone.

“He got married while I turned into nonetheless struggling in the sanatorium. My sister wished to react nonetheless other folks urged her no longer to mark so that you can lend a hand away from two other folks going down. In 2016, four years later, I misplaced my sister, my breadwinner. When I misplaced her, my world shut down, I did not know where I turned into, I saw objects in twos. I turned into frustrated and started taking a search for for ways to outlive. I assemble no longer bear fogeys. I assemble no longer bear somebody anymore. I called my attorney, she offered me lodging in Abeokuta so I relocated to Abeokuta in Ogun Train.”


The distraught lady talked about she had consequently approached the Lagos Train Home and Sexual Violence Response Team at Alausa to score justice.

She talked about a letter turned into written to the Licensed expert General and light Lagos Train Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, and got an instantaneous response after which she turned into despatched to India for surgeries.

“I did two phases out of three sooner than coronavirus shut down the entire world. I nonetheless bear to mark more surgeries,” she talked about. 

She, nonetheless, alleged that the police had refused to arrest Gbanwuan, whom she talked about had additionally did not look in court docket.


She talked about the police power has been shielding Gbanwuan since 2012 and that though he’s on the list of officers to be prosecuted over police brutality following the #EndSARS convey, Gbanwuan is nonetheless serving and has no longer been arrested.


“The case is already in court docket nonetheless the police refused to receive him. Please, I need him to seem in court docket. They’ve been shielding him since 2012. He’s quantity 3 on the list of officers to be prosecuted at some point soon of #EndSARS convey. He’s nonetheless serving. He has no longer been arrested,” she talked about. 


In accordance along with her, the Director of Public Prosecutions in Lagos despatched messages to the convey police account for twice, nonetheless no definite response adopted them. She talked about petitions were additionally despatched to the Inspector-General of Police by Lagos Train, with out a response.


She additionally talked about the Lagos Police Uncover once despatched a attorney to court docket, who “promised to raise him to court docket on the next adjournment date, nonetheless each and every the attorney and the policeman bear did not attain till date”.

She talked about, “My plot to score justice has been complex and slim. My sister tried to score justice for me nonetheless could possibly maybe not as the police did not receive him; lies upon lies were all we got from the police. So, my attorney dragged the Federal Govt to the ECOWAS court docket for failing to prosecute him. Till now, Nigeria Police Pressure nonetheless doesn’t are looking to raise him out.”


The verdict given by the resolve at the ECOWAS court docket says, “IHRDA (The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa) and WARDC (Girls Advocates Research and Documentation Centre) at this time time, 17 Could possibly possibly, 2018 bear acquired a favourable judgment in opposition to Nigeria in the ‘Mary Sunday’ home violence case. Mary in 2012 turned into severely abused by her fiancé, a Nigerian Police Officer, which resulted in the deformation and incapacitation of the sufferer, as her fiancé, Corporal Gbanwuan Isaac beat her up and poured a pot of boiling stew on her, inflicting extreme burns on her head and physique. The complainants alleged the convey’s failure to effectively investigate the incident, prosecute and punish the perpetrator of the violations. The Court docket chanced on Nigeria in violation of Mary’s appropriate to access to justice and appropriate to bear her trigger heard; and has ordered Nigeria to pay Mary reparation of N50 million – about $138,000.” At 

Mary talked about Gbanwuan turned into conspicuously absent eight consecutive times the court docket sat for a hearing and the next hearing date is March 1st.


The girl, who’s a graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu Train talked about she turned into gainfully employed sooner than the incident nonetheless had opted to be half of the Nigeria Police Pressure sooner than the incident. 

She talked about had acquired the utility manufacture and started the route of sooner than the incident.


She talked about her objectives were slash relieve quick. 

She lamented how she misplaced her fingerprint and a sweat gland which has made it complex for her to procure in a job.

She added: “I turned into nonetheless in the course of of adjusting precise into a senior police officer when the calamity struck. The budge took me to meet with Afe Babalola, Mr. Caleb, light Minister of Police Affairs, and Mr. Pius, the Chairman, Police Service Commission, then. My objectives were slash relieve quick. I wrote the closing exam in Abuja. I started in my convey, from my convey to Tainted River Train and in the end to Abuja where closing decisions were made.

“I bear misplaced my two pinnae (the external share of the ear), and fingerprint. My appropriate ear can no longer hear sounds anymore. I additionally misplaced my sweat uncover, I will no longer sweat anymore. Medical doctors talked about nothing will seemingly be performed to revive it. It turned into utterly damaged by the flame. I assemble no longer hump to work. Even though I score a job, it could well possibly maybe be complex on story of the warmth. Provocative a sq. meal a day stays a miracle. if I remark myself to the solar, I will collapse. I assemble no longer positioned on clothes for a extremely very long time. It has no therapy. This can remain admire that till my closing day on earth besides a miracle occurs.”


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