Only MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12

Earlier than the iPhone 12 announcement, Apple’s MagSafe expertise was once reserved for older MacBook computers. Alternatively, the total iPhone 12 lineup brought the rebirth of MagSafe, no longer handiest as a technique to stamp the mobile gadgets, but as an adjunct platform that opens the doors for many a range of employ conditions.

A series of magnets situated on the relief of the iPhone 12 will aid line up a MagSafe wireless charger, guaranteeing you by no system bag up again to a stupid battery since you didn’t precisely line up your mobile phone on a Qi charging pad. Or you would bag a wallet that attaches to the relief of your mobile phone, heck, even PopSocket is becoming concerned by increasing its comprise MagSafe cherish minded accessories.

Lawful now, there aren’t many reliable MagSafe accessories, certified to work with Apple’s most traditional phones, but I’ve been finding out a handful of them and realized the tech no longer handiest to be precious, but downright frosty. Below are some of the MagSafe accessories I’ve used. 

Apple 20W USB-C vitality adapter

You’re going to need one amongst these


Apple’s MagSafe connectors all require a 20W USB-C wall adapter in declare to stamp at the maximum speeds. It be advanced for the explanation that 20W adapter appears to be like correct cherish the 19W adapter Apple included with the iPhone 11 unless you ogle at the stamp on the tear itself. The 20W adapter can comprise “20W” in a square subsequent to the prongs. To be constructive, the 19W adapter will work with the MagSafe charger, but charging will seemingly be a piece slower. If you is also the utilization of MagSafe to stamp overnight, it be a non-subject. 

$19 at Apple

Apple MagSafe Charger

It be a magnetic disk that charges your mobile phone


This reputedly easy disk was once the first Apple MagSafe accent designed for charging your iPhone 12. On one discontinue is the unusual MagSafe connector, with a USB-C connector on the opposite discontinue. The disk connects to the relief of your mobile phone, holding itself in space and guaranteeing gorgeous alignment. There could be pretty a range of tech packed into the MagSafe Charger but you could maybe well no longer know by having a ogle at it. And that is the explanation a factual thing. 

$40 at Apple

Apple MagSafe Duo

A line about why it makes a factual gift


The MagSafe Duo is your one-discontinue charging spot made by Apple. It be no AirPower, but that is alright. On one aspect is a MagSafe connector that can maybe well stamp your iPhone 12, and on the opposite aspect is an Apple Explore charging connector that lays flat or folds out so that you would space your gaze on its aspect because it charges. 

It folds in half to fabricate it easy to retract with you when traveling and has a lone USB-C port on the relief that can maybe well vitality each and each charging connectors. Lawful fabricate constructive you make employ of a 20W or greater vitality adapter with it. Also of level to, for some cause, the Duo doesn’t work with Apple’s 29W charging adapter.

I’ve been finding out the Duo for a few days now and barely cherish it. Basically the most consuming complaint I actually comprise to this level is that I actually have to push down on the Duo when selecting up my iPhone for the explanation that magnetic connection great ample that it lifts the Duo off of my nightstand.

$130 at Apple

Belkin MagSafe car mount

For the avenue warrior


Belkin’s MagSafe Automobile Mount doesn’t stamp your mobile phone while in employ, but it does articulate correct how great the magnets are and the promising doable of correct what will seemingly be carried out. I’ve been finding out this for over a month now, and cherish it. I actually comprise yet to comprise my mobile phone fall off the mount when going over bumps. My lone complaint is that when my iPhone 12 Pro is on the mount, the combo of the two gadgets is heavy ample that it parts the air vents down, in spite of what I are trying.

If you is also making an are trying for a car mount that holds your mobile phone in space with none clamps, and likewise you comprise got a MagSafe cherish minded case, you presumably can’t gallop injurious with Belkin’s offering. 

$40 at Apple

Apple MagSafe Pockets

Gain rid of a stout wallet


I fully anticipated to search out this a ruin of $60, but I originate no longer deem I need ever to head relief to a “long-established” wallet again. I actually comprise frequently been keen on wallets that prolong to, maybe, five playing cards max, so transferring the whole device down to 3 playing cards total was once a runt adjustment, but I am making it work. It doesn’t follow the iPhone as great as I would hope, but at the identical time, it doesn’t have to. I connect it to my mobile phone when I am gathering my stuff to leave the dwelling, and know that as lengthy as I actually comprise my mobile phone, I actually comprise my wallet — one thing I repeatedly lost sooner than. 

$60 at Apple

Moft MagSafe Stand & Pockets

A wallet with some utility.



Moft has its comprise MagSafe cherish minded wallet for the iPhone 12. But in space of offering a wallet that is akin to Apple’s for much less, the company has inbuilt a foldable kickstand that enables you to prop your mobile phone in both portrait or landscape orientation. It securely attaches to the relief of your iPhone 12, and has ample room for 3 playing cards. The folding mechanism that acts as a stand folds out and locks into space with more magnets, giving your mobile phone a accurate stand to gaze a video to your desk or lend a hand a FaceTime name without a have to search out an awkward device to prop up your mobile phone. 

$35 at Amazon (US)

There are, obviously, many more MagSafe accessories you would retract, at the side of conditions from Otterbox or Apple. I am going to lend a hand adding to this checklist as I test more accessories. 

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