Norway deports truck driver for no longer the utilization of snow chains

COPENHAGEN – Norwegian authorities deported a truck driver who become as soon as stopped by police twice within an hour for riding with out necessary snow chains cease to a city north of the Arctic Circle.

The actual person, who has been banned from returning to Norway for 2 years, become as soon as “careless of the must haves, which represents a mountainous hazard,” police spokesman Per Oeyvind Skogmo stated in an announcement Thursday.

Police stated officers first stopped the driver as he headed to downtown Tromsoe and ordered him to place chains on his tires. A diminutive whereas later, officers pulled him over again on a cease-by bridge.

In Norway, heavy vehicles are required to utilize snow chains from mid-November until the stop of March no topic the road prerequisites in the Scandinavian country.

Police spokesman Skogmo stated that since the actual person’s truck did no longer be pleased chains, “we chanced on grounds to start a deportation case against the foreign driver.”

Authorities did no longer present the trucker’s name or nationality.

On high of deportation, the driver also become as soon as fined 11,000 kroner ($1,302). He become as soon as escorted out of Norway on Wednesday.

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