Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold Overview: Fun to fold, frustrating to make use of

Supreme One year, a number of producers teased upcoming transportable PCs with foldable shows. Intel confirmed off its ‘Horseshoe Bend’ idea at CES and Lenovo confirmed off its Thinkpad X1 Fold with a promise to release it in mid-2020. Like a flash forward to gradual September, Lenovo adopted through and launched the Fold (arguably a itsy-bitsy after the promised mid-2020) and MobileSyrup had the opportunity to study one for the closing few weeks.

The Thinkpad X1 Fold is a putting software, but moreover decidedly strange. The main command I spotted used to be the queer leather-treasure support panel. Though the panel is integral to the software, it’s moreover surprisingly disconnected — segment of it slides whereas you fold the X1, revealing a slim rectangle of glass. Don’t accumulate me sinful, the X1 Fold seems nice, and the leather support panel feels sizable. It’s appropriate uncommon. The mask has hefty bezels going around the out of doorways, and an iPad Reliable-treasure edge that’s squared off with rounded corners, with perforations on the discontinue-left, left and backside-left edges for venting warmth and speaker output.

The originate, strange because it is, falls apart hasty whereas you elect it up and fold it for the first time. I won’t lie — the abilities of folding and unfolding this command is queer and unlike any thoroughly different PC I’ve tried. For the folding by myself, the X1 Fold is an extra special success.

Nonetheless, it’s moreover disappointing. Certain, it’s a foldable PC — a technical marvel that enthusiasts dangle dreamed of for years — but I’d rarely count it as priceless. Lenovo made a number of concessions with the X1 Fold to compose it foldable and, for a number of, I suspect those compromises will rule it out as an option for transportable computing. Coupled with an exorbitant designate designate, the X1 Fold will be a tough sell to somebody who the truth is needs to accumulate work done, notably on a funds.


  • Display: 13.3-paddle QXGA Foldable 2K (2048 x 1536 pixel option) OLED touchscreen, 300 nits brightness
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-L16G7
  • Memory: 8GB LPDDR4X at 4,267MHz
  • Storage: As a lot as 1TB PCIe M.2 SSD
  • Dimensions: 11.5mm x 299.4mm x 236mm / 0.45” x 11.79” x 9.29” (unfolded)
  • Weight: Starts at 0.99kg (2.2lbs)
  • Camera: 5MP webcam with hybrid infrared sensor
  • Working System: Windows 10 Home or 10 Reliable
  • Battery: 50Wh with ‘Like a flash Price’ abilities (Lenovo estimates 8.5 hours)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, optional 5G/LTE
  • Sensors: Gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity sensor
  • Ports: 2x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps), optional Nano SIM slot
  • Graphics: Built-in Intel UHD graphics
  • Impress: Starts at $3,369 in Canada

All in regards to the fold

The X1 Fold opens up treasure a book and it’s rather adaptable, in segment thanks to the wireless keyboard (which isn’t included within the unfriendly mannequin).

You’d commence it flat and use it as a tablet, or pop-up the constructed-in kickstand to stand the mask up. Alternatively, you might maybe well maybe bend it treasure a ragged clamshell laptop laptop and put the keyboard over half of the mask, reworking the X1 Fold into a puny itsy-bitsy laptop laptop.

In ‘laptop’ do, the X1 Fold in all fairness compact and, frankly, a very wonderful itsy-bitsy PC. Initially, I idea the many do factors would compose the X1 Fold a portable productiveness fiend — the ‘laptop’ do will more than seemingly be sizable for working whereas on the trudge and the use of the Fold on my lap. When I will be extra stationary, equivalent to whereas sitting at a desk, I could maybe well pop off the keyboard, commence the kickstand and dangle the good thing about a sizable mask. When I wished to chill, the Fold might maybe well change into into a tablet.

In put together, this didn’t work almost as effectively as I’d hoped. For one, Windows 10 doesn’t play effectively with minute monitors. While that isn’t Lenovo’s fault, it did compose the use of the X1 Fold’s ‘laptop’ do command frustrating. Docking the keyboard covers half of the mask, and the X1 Fold robotically turns off the coated share. That leaves users with a puny mask that appropriate isn’t conducive to multi-tasking or productiveness in any sense.

The a number of valuable field I bumped into used to be the keyboard. Ensuing from the scale constraints of the X1 Fold, Lenovo had to form a very puny keyboard. Esteem so grand else with the X1 Fold, it’s concurrently an engineering marvel and a disappointment. Typing with any diploma of efficiency is practically not doubtless on this software.

Poorly positioned ports

For a appropriate chunk of my time with the X1 Fold, I ditched the keyboard entirely (I write for a living, and the keyboard made it some distance extra engaging than I’d treasure). As an replacement, I connected a ragged mouse and a mechanical keyboard I had kicking round so I could maybe well level of curiosity on the use of the X1 Fold with out getting tripped up by the keyboard.

As an apart, two USB-C ports are appropriate barely ample for a laptop laptop, but Lenovo might maybe well dangle chosen an even bigger scheme for as a minimal regarded as one of many X1 Fold’s USB-C ports. While you happen to use the X1 with the kickstand, regarded as one of many 2 ports ends up on the backside of the mask and inaccessible. That left me with one port free, which meant a option between charging or the use of my keyboard.

Belief me, you’ll continuously desire a port readily available for charging. In my checking out, the X1 Fold seldom lasted extra than three or four hours. For maybe the most segment, that included appropriate web having a survey with about a tabs commence, and seemingly some phrase processing.

Surprisingly succesful internals

All that apart, the X1 Fold done severely better than I expected with its Intel Core i5-L16G7 CPU coupled with 8GB of RAM. On the one hand, I’m vastly shocked to even survey an Intel chip in this form of puny do command — ARM chips in most cases work severely better in all these devices. On the rather quite a lot of, I’m delighted Lenovo went with Intel, as Windows on ARM serene lacks software give a boost to. In thoroughly different phrases, the Intel CPU allows you to jog nearly any app on the X1 Fold with none problems (unlike with ARM) — but appropriate since you might maybe well maybe jog one thing doesn’t mean you ought to serene.

For folk who care about benchmarks, I ran a Geekbench 5 test. The outcomes weren’t sizable with a 662 single-core ranking and 1,766 multi-core, which is grand worse than a diversity of Windows laptops that designate round half of as grand as the Fold. As an illustration, both the Microsoft Surface Laptop Run (1,150/3,552) and 2020 Surface Reliable X (799/3,137) bested the X1 Fold by valuable margins. Nonetheless, in proper-world use, the X1 Fold done better than the numbers mask.

From a efficiency standpoint, most classic Windows initiatives ought to serene work appropriate honest. Attempting the accumulate used to be mostly field free on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Plight of enterprise apps moreover worked honest, and I was even ready to set up and use Photoshop. I wouldn’t call describe editing on the Fold a sizable abilities, but I could maybe well compose it work in a pinch. While apps ran honest, I did as soon as in a whereas stumble upon bouts of assert when scrolling and typing. About a of that is also attributed to the wireless keyboard, but even when the use of wired devices it wasn’t completely delicate.

In a roundabout arrangement, I’d dispute the efficiency favours informal initiatives over excessive-level productiveness, so attend that in mind in checklist so that you can pick the X1 Fold. In my case, the X1 Fold appropriate didn’t dangle the chops to retain with my conventional workflow. ‘Fine’ efficiency appropriate doesn’t lower it for the time being, and there wasn’t one thing else the Fold might maybe well form better or faster than any thoroughly different laptop I had to hand.

Concerns about longevity

When fully unfolded, the X1 Fold boasts a 13.3-paddle QXGA Foldable 2K (2048 x 1536 pixel) OLED touchscreen mask with 300 nits of brightness and 95 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut.

In my checking out, I learned the X1 Fold used to be continuously entertaining and the panel appeared sizable in most circumstances. Truly, my handiest criticism right here used to be the extremely saturated colour profile. It gave some colours, treasure reds, oranges and purples, a nearly neon vibrancy that I wasn’t partial to. I couldn’t get a system to tune the mask in settings. Total, it’s a minor field, but folks who payment colour accuracy might maybe well disapprove it.

Any other command I spotted with the mask software is it as soon as in a whereas failed to idea when the keyboard used to be connected, and wouldn’t flip off the coated share of the mask. Turning the Fold on and off all over again in general plight things appropriate.

It’s moreover worth noting that the X1 Fold in most cases avoids bumpiness around the fragment of the mask that bends whereas you fold it. Other foldables I’ve tried had a delicate, bumpy feel in that scheme — the X1 Fold, on the opposite hand, felt solid. It’s moreover engaging to survey the mask crease when the mask is flat with out actively seeking it. The use of the mask whereas partially folded presentations some discolouration around the fold.

Nonetheless, I form dangle some concerns about longevity. The main review unit Lenovo offered had a series of lifeless pixels come the fragment of the mask that folded. Lenovo said it hadn’t encountered an identical problems on any of its thoroughly different X1 Fold objects, and the 2nd review unit had no lifeless pixels the least bit. While seemingly a one-off, it does elevate some concerns for me.

Equipment compose or shatter it

One troubling trend I’ve seen within the PC market with replacement do command devices treasure the X1 Fold or thoroughly different 2-in-1s is the accessorization of indispensable substances. While you happen to were to dangle a laptop laptop from any producer, you’d put a matter to it to dangle a keyboard installed — it’s needed for the classic use of the software. Take a laptop with a brand unusual do command, on the opposite hand, and the keyboard prices extra.

Such is the case with the X1 Fold, but seemingly extra egregious since the Lenovo Fold Mini wireless keyboard prices an hit upon-watering $319.99 in Canada (and that’s on top of the already dear $3,369 unfriendly designate). While you happen to desire the Lenovo Mod Pen for inking and writing, that’s one more $139.99. Granted, the following step up from the unfriendly X1 Fold involves the accessories on the $3,709 designate (it’s about $118 cheaper than buying the unfriendly mannequin and the accessories in my idea), however the $3,709 mannequin is similar to the unfriendly mannequin in every system put the included accessories. Truly, the $3,709 mannequin is the X1 Fold to pick out in checklist for you the total abilities.

On the identical time, maybe you’re at an advantage skipping Lenovo’s accessories. As mentioned up top, the Fold Mini keyboard is practically unusable for any excessive typist. To be ready to compare the keyboard into a puny do command that worked with the X1 Fold, Lenovo became thoroughly different keys into multi-functional alternate suggestions with ‘layers’ of keys.

That meant incessantly-feeble capabilities bought shafted to lower layers that require arcane key combos to accumulate entry to. Except for the ‘base’ layer of keys, there’s a 2nd layer accessible by pressing the ‘function’ key and some characters, treasure the put a matter to mark, are even on a third ‘Shift-Function’ layer. Lenovo moreover messed with the ‘house row’ by pushing the semicolon and apostrophe keys above the ‘Enter’ key to attend the button (in my test, unnecessarily) sizable. Likewise, the trackpad on the keyboard is comically minute, but you might maybe well maybe mostly steer sure of it by the use of the touchscreen as an replacement.

While you happen to can remodel your muscle memory and adapt to about a of the strange-ball key positions and combos on the Fold Mini, the actual typing abilities is honest. There’s very itsy-bitsy dawdle to the keys and they’re moreover almost silent.

No topic the flaws, the Fold Mini keyboard is that the truth is tidy. It attaches to the X1 Fold by technique of magnets and can wireless charge during the Fold. Plus, it sits smartly contained within the X1 whereas you pack up it, and even has a loop to attend the Mod Pen. The wireless charging keyboard is notably nice because it has a Micro-USB charging port, whereas both the X1 Fold and Mod Pen use USB-C for charging.

Speaking of the Mod Pen, you might maybe well maybe use it with out doing any pairing with the X1 Fold, however the software does urged you to ‘configure’ it by downloading some Lenovo software. In my checking out, I wasn’t ready to compose the software talk about with the pen the least bit.

Stable idea with mediocre execution

Lenovo’s X1 Fold is an wonderful first strive, but I suspect most folks will more than seemingly be at an advantage anticipating a 2nd generation Fold. In so many ways, the X1 Fold feels treasure the future. It’s versatile, you might maybe well maybe bend and manipulate it to adapt to almost any workflow. And but, after I try to make use of it, it grinds my workflow to a dash.

Conceptually, the X1 Fold is that the truth is sizable, and I suspect that with some honest-tuning, Lenovo will dangle an extra special software on its fingers. As is, the firm made too many compromises in favour of folding that leaves the remaining of it underwhelming.

May maybe well even unprejudiced serene you fork out conclude to $4,000 for the X1 Fold? No. Rather than folding, there isn’t a single command the X1 Fold does better than any thoroughly different transportable computing software readily available now. While you happen to desire a productive laptop, on the whole one thing else available will designate much less and form extra.

On the identical time, there’s the truth is nothing that the truth is compares with the X1 Fold. Those which will more than seemingly be searching for to be on the modern of abilities might maybe well get the Fold bright, and those with a whole bunch cash to burn might maybe well moreover desire the X1 Fold. However in every helpful sense, there’s no motive to pick out it.

The Lenovo X1 Fold starts at $3,369 in Canada, or $3,709 in checklist for you the Fold Mini Bluetooth keyboard and Lenovo Mod Pen.

“Conceptually, the X1 Fold is that the truth is sizable, and I suspect that with some honest-tuning, Lenovo will dangle an extra special software on its fingers.”


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