Kenyans deserve better housing – James Muriuki is on the job

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When James Muriuki determined to ranking his occupy space in Nairobi, it could perhaps perhaps perhaps utilize him 3 months of taking a explore at one disagreeable rental after one other. It wasn’t his first time facing housing components. He’d had a taste of the fight as a baby.

Now he must solve this teach with his startup Kijiji.

Here is his existence in tech.

James Muriuki grew up in Nairobi with his mother and his elder sister, Lucy. Before they moved to a rental his mother constructed, the household lived in three rented apartments.

With every of those apartments came contemporary ranges of inadequate upkeep.

In the principle one, which used to be poorly ventilated, the household virtually died of carbon monoxide poisoning of their sleep.

In the 2nd one, a wiring field introduced about a bulb to take fire.

The resolution to plan a rental of their very occupy came after the third rental. A younger unsuspecting Muriuki, sitting on the bathroom, had the ceiling rain down on him.

With every of those mishaps, caretakers to blame of the constructions would ranking complaints and their responses carried the the same sentiment.

“They ceaselessly mentioned ‘so what’s going to we attain about it?’” Muriuki says after I depend on about how these components had been dealt with. They actual weren’t. 

And so the household had to preserve spellbinding until they can also plan a rental of their very occupy.

Years later, when he returned from a scholarship at MEST in Accra, Ghana, Muriuki would exercise 3 months buying for a upright rental in Nairobi and a nightmare is how he describes it.

He would over again bustle into caretakers who reminded him of 1 cardinal truth with every flat he turned down; if he didn’t put it to use for that tag or for any numerous motive, somebody else would.

Moringa Faculty, MEST and Mandarin

At the same time as you by some ability ignore the mishaps for the length of their preserve in those apartments, Muriuki says his childhood used to be aesthetic sheltered. 

And for this motive, when he applied to MEST’s scholarship in 2018, he failed to plod there with the understanding to open a swap of his occupy because he believed you had to own had some adversity to plan a vast product.

He failed to own a teach to resolve but. He actual desired to learn to attain it.

When he applied to MEST, Muriuki used to be enrolled at Moringa Faculty, a discovering out accelerator targeted on coaching Kenya’s next expertise of tech expertise. There he learned to code and plan tool.

He determined to aid Moringa after he performed secondary college and instructed his mother he failed to favor to plod to varsity. When he made his argument it used to be obvious, concise and truthful.

The public universities had never-ending strikes and the private universities price too unheard of. 

He knew himself too nicely and to own his mother pay those exorbitant amounts of cash for him to then sleep at school or not plod at all could perhaps perhaps be very unfair.

So earlier than Moringa, Muriuki labored at any jobs he can also fetch. He waited tables, he made jam, and at one level, he began to utilize Mandarin classes.

“My mum actual wanted me doing something outdoors of the home,” he says.

Whereas at MEST, he collaborated with numerous entrepreneurs and helped different of them with building their alternate options.

In his quest to preserve discovering out, Muriuki took a job at Sendy, a logistics firm, as a create intern so he can also learn to plan vast user interfaces and expertise. 

As he labored this job, he determined to ranking himself an rental. 

In his search, he saw the total lot from a rental with rooms so minute americans can also not attain laundry with their doors closed, to a vast, historical flat priced at $300/month.

This used to be the place he stumbled on his adversity – the one he desired to plan a product.

His firm used to be to be a response to the topic of poorly managed rental housing in Nairobi.

He quit his job and commenced a firm he known as Kijiji and it launches in about a days.

So what is Kijiji?

Kijiji is the Swahili notice for village. Nonetheless the name of Muriuki’s app simplest conveys some portion of what he’s seeking to plan.

When he likens his understanding for Kijiji to something else he cites Walt Disney’s EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Group Of Tomorrow).

In the 1960s, Walt Disney, founder of the now colossal Disney, had a theory for a planned community that will perhaps perhaps in actuality be a utopia controlled by him. Whereas this understanding used to be by no formulation performed, it inspired the EPCOT Centre, one among Disneyworld’s theme parks.

With Kijiji, Muriuki objectives to assemble a network of homes – with landlords, caretakers, and tenants – that is continually enhancing with the aid of knowledge and at closing connected by the Cyber web of Issues (IoT).

When a Kijiji tenant decides they wish to swap apartments, they can fetch one all around the network – the village.

As they plod away, they give knowledge on their resolution. What made them favor to plod away? What could perhaps perhaps be improved relating to the rental?

Solutions to those questions feed into a machine that then ensures caretakers and landlords fix the highlighted components, attributable to this fact making that Kijiji rental even better for the following tenant.

Kijiji will additionally be able to make utilize of this recordsdata from tenants to support property builders plan the forms of homes that folks favor to reside in.

Primarily essentially based on Muriuki’s market compare, there are over 4.3 million households living in rented apartments in Nairobi at the present time. He tells me his aim is to attain as much as 800,000 of those households; one landlord at a time it could perhaps perhaps perhaps appear.

Whereas property management is not the principle aim of the Kijiji that Muriuki objectives of, it is a solution to ranking to it.

Whereas the application collects more knowledge that feeds the enhance of this ecosystem, Kijiji will offer property management services to landlords in its network.

These services vary from receiving requests and complaints from tenants to reminding tenants of due utility bills.

The poke to this level and the avenue forward

One gets the sense that Muriuki has continually been somebody who tells the truth. He admits to me that the poke from understanding to execution is one he can also own underestimated.

“I’m at point out bootstrapping the firm but truthfully I deem I must aloof own understanding by more earlier than quitting my job.”

Regardless, he’s desirous about launching and opening up the app to the landlords at point out on his waitlist. They and their tenants will ranking a gamble to make utilize of the contemporary platform and can own the principle plot of americans on the Kijiji network.

As we talk, Muriuki tells me his tales punctuated with laughter. He has colossal objectives for rental apartments in Kenya.

Ultimately he must own improved the general homes on Kijiji so that they are connected and computerized – totally implementing the Cyber web of Issues.

Nonetheless until then, work lies forward. Muriuki has a teach to resolve now.

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