How to circulate Sizable Bowl 55 in Canada

Whenever you have by no system signed up for DAZN, now may be your time to capitalize on the carrier’s free trial supply

There are two programs to circulate Sizable Bowl 55 in Canada on Sunday, February Seventh.

The sport begins at 6: 30pm ET/ 3: 30pm PT, and there’s liable to be hours of pre-sport coverage main as a lot as the match.

Whenever you subscribe to the sports activities steaming app Dazn, you may perchance also inquire of the closing on that app. Alternatively, you may perchance also use your TV subscription login to inquire of the purpose to thru CTV.


Dazn is a sports activities streaming carrier that affords catch admission to to NFL’s streaming services and products in Canada. That system as soon as you’re a Dazn subscriber, you additionally catch catch admission to to NFL Gamepass, which allows you to circulate a vary of video games and NFL-connected reveals, collectively with Sizable Bowl 55.

Whenever you haven’t dilapidated Dazn sooner than, you may perchance also register for a free trial and catch catch admission to to the app that system. This trial only lasts a month, so build you set apart a reminder to kill it after the Sizable Bowl. Whenever you don’t unsubscribe, you’ll be charged $20 month-to-month.

The Dazn app is wildly readily accessible on terminate to all wisely-organized TV units and sport consoles. You may perchance also earn out about your entire checklist of supported hardware in the firm’s FAQ section.

A Dazn month-to-month subscription costs $20 month-to-month.


Legacy media is mute right here, and it’s reach with some fresh broadcasting recommendations to build sure more other folks can inquire of the sport. Whenever you have already got a TV subscription, you may perchance also inquire of the sport thru CTV.

This vogue you may perchance also accelerate to CTV thru your TV provider’s interface or log in with your TV legend login on CTV’s web site to circulate the sport there.

This comprises other folks that use IPTV tv esteem TekSavvyTV and even smaller manufacturers esteem Northwestel. These services and products work by permitting cyber web suppliers to give users TV catch admission to thru the obtain. Nonetheless, you may perchance also only catch TV out of your cyber web provider this plot.

That system as soon as you have Bell cyber web, you will have Bell’s  IPTV carrier. The identical goes for Teksavvy, VMedia and other smaller name manufacturers. Not all cyber web suppliers supply IPTV programs.

That said, plainly these form of are dearer than a month of Dazn at least, so the streaming carrier is probably going your handiest bet to inquire of the sport for life like.

You may perchance also circulate the purpose to on CTV’s web site with a TV credential login out of your TV provider right here.

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