How the OPPO X 2021 rolling point to phone works

OPPO X 2021 design

The OPPO X 2021 conception phone is the emblem’s decide on a rollable smartphone – chances are you’ll well undergo in mind it being offered serve in November 2020 at some stage in the emblem’s INNO Day tournament. 

Since then, the emblem has been tight-lipped on talking about the product, that is till now as more minute print about the system has been shared on their reliable YouTube channel.  

The video reveals off how the rollable point to works on the OPPO X 2021 – it minute print the intricate engineering feats that happen accurate by the smartphone.  

The flexible OLED point to unrolls from its usual 6.7-hunch size to a higher 7.4-hunch tablet thanks to a pair of pressure motors that grip onto cogs on a be aware-like mechanism below known as Warp Song. This enables the motors to pull and push the point to. 

When the point to is extended, a pork up structure – furthermore placed under the point to – prevents the panel from drooping or collapsing under its dangle weight. 

The video furthermore reveals that the phone can dynamically alter a recount material’s part ratio must silent you prolong the point to whereas mentioned recount material is silent showing on the display conceal. 

OPPO X 2021 display

On the time of writing, there’s no notice on when the system shall be salvage into manufacturing but with Samsung furthermore planning their very dangle decide on the skills, we’re optimistic that this may perhaps well change into one thing customers can in fact grab in the near future. 

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