Females, girls, men, boys in anti-crime march around QP Savannah


Paula Lindo

TT, HEED THIS: A woman displays a placard with a message to the nation as she and hundreds more marched against crime on Sunday around the Queen’s Park Savannah. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB -
TT, HEED THIS: A lady displays a placard with a message to the nation as she and hundreds extra marched in opposition to crime on Sunday around the Queen’s Park Savannah. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB –

HUNDREDS of girls, girls, men and boys marched around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain declaring “Ample is satisfactory,” as they demanded action by those in authority to tackle crime, in particular violent crimes in opposition to girls and youth.

The march came nine days after 22-year-frail court docket clerk Andrea Bharatt became kidnapped and three days after her decomposing body became chanced on callously dumped down a precipice in the Heights of Aripo in east Trinidad.

MESSAGE MARCH: Marchers with placards all over the stroll around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain on Sunday. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB –

The marchers called on politicians to change the law to enable girls to provide protection to themselves. Carrying dwelling-made placards, men, girls and youth marched to the chants of: “We identify justice,” “No bail for rapists,” and, “No bail for kidnappers.”

Co-organiser Dimitri Chote acknowledged there are three things that must be accomplished: legalise utilizing non-lethal weapons; regulate PH (non-public-rent) taxi drivers; and manufacture the Sexual Offenders Registry public.

He acknowledged non-lethal weapons comparable to pepper sprays and Tasers will give girls and younger girls a struggling with chance when confronted by male predators.

Regulating PH drivers shall be particular the mainly male drivers shall be registered and must pave the diagram in which for such provisions as GPS tracking.

Making the registry public might additionally present capacity lifestyles-saving recordsdata to society’s girls and the folk of the nation’s susceptible teenagers and teenagers.

His placard carried a straightforward message. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB –

Chote described the turnout as “unparalleled” and beyond his non-public expectations. He acknowledged he wished the inflame and outrage over Bharatt’s murder moved off social media and into tangible, bodily action that would additionally foster change.


Chote acknowledged he and fellow organiser Ishmael Tarouba had been accused of being racially motivated to boom. “People had been citing racial motivation and so on, which made me wonder, ‘Why manufacture this, if here’s the extra or much less lack of consciousness I am assembly?’

“All people is aware of there might be no longer any racial motivation in the inspire of this. This became good-looking a frightful action accomplished to any individual who didn’t deserve it and I had distress slumbering at night time so I acknowledged, ‘Let me manufacture something about this. Let me act.’”

Many protesters acknowledged they came out to manufacture their voices heard and build a question to Government to manufacture something about crime.

Sarah Benjamin-Paul, who marched with her husband, daughters and nieces, acknowledged she is bored stiff of the location. “We’ve to think about the diagram in which forward for our girls. If nothing is performed, it’s good-looking going to proceed getting worse and it’s good-looking going to head downhill from here.

“We introduced them out attributable to on the pause of the day, let folk check out future generations who might additionally even be victimised – they’re capacity victims. We don’t know what might additionally occur to them a year or two from now,” Benjamin-Paul acknowledged.

BE THE CHANGE: Marchers on the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain on Sunday. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB – Vidya Thurab

Additionally level to became Venezuelan national Stefani Flores, who became violently assaulted last year. She called on Government to tempo up her case by the courts.

“I ought to build a question to for a immediate trial for my aggressors, attributable to the proof is performed, so they (the Deliver) don’t need the relaxation. Andrea can’t be here, Ashanti (Riley) can’t be here this day, and I myself nearly couldn’t be here this day too. So here’s my motive to be here this day.

“I build a question to the authorities to tempo up the contrivance in the courts for this reason extra or much less monsters ought to pay for what they did. Mentally and emotionally it’s very tough, but we would in actuality like to be steady. I am sad and my coronary heart is broken,” Flores acknowledged.

Chote and Tarouba acknowledged they thought to organise extra protests and those who might cling to be a part of can put together them on their Facebook pages.


Feminist NGO Feminitt founder Ashlee Burnett acknowledged the boom had the ability to manufacture a distinction, but handiest if those in strength hear. She acknowledged here’s no longer the most famous boom that has took residing even with out an inciting incident comparable to brutal rape and murder.

“I’m here this day to boom but again, with the hope that those in strength like designate and manufacture precedence the safety of girls and girls and boys across Trinidad and Tobago. We want to cling those programs modified, attributable to straight away girls and girls, younger girls in particular and younger boys and even myself, ride that fright, that alarm.

“I do know there are such quite rather a lot of folk here this day who had been risky of how they’d find here and then how they’d find inspire attributable to they’re no longer particular who they’ll belief and who’s utilizing in a taxi or a PH automobile.

“I’m hoping those in strength can give us a thought, Vision 2030 is decrease than ten years away, so where is the national thought for public transport? We identify instantaneous action from those in strength, we identify the idea now and we would in actuality like to know what’s going to occur.”

A marcher who gave his name handiest as Shivan acknowledged he and his chums made up our minds to bolster the march attributable to, “Given the instances of the past week, we acknowledged it’d be accurate that as voters we come out to indicate reinforce and take a look at if our leaders would hear our voices. Time and time but again we now cling got been speaking and no one has been listening.”

One more marcher, Kim, acknowledged: “Too many younger girls are lacking, too reasonably quite rather a lot of our girls are being raped and murdered, and nothing is being accomplished about it. The Government desires to manufacture something. Phrases are no longer satisfactory from now on. How will you cling a intercourse offenders registry and no longer manufacture it public? That making any sense?”


One more marcher challenged all politicians to manufacture what the everyday citizen does on a day after day basis – like public transport. The marcher acknowledged all politicians must head away their sedans and SUVs at dwelling and chase into varied communities at some level of the nation, in particular at night time, and rep a drag in a PH automobile.

AROUND WE GO: Marchers stroll around the Queen’s Park Savannah on Sunday afternoon calling for extra proactive responses to crime and lawlessness. PHOTO BY VIDYA THURAB –

“Simplest then will they in actuality realize the fright our girls buckle down and do on every occasion they sit down in a PH automobile or a taxi, handiest then will these politicians realize that a straightforward act of getting into into a automobile to find transport might additionally pause in rape and murder. Crawl away your vehicles dwelling and shall be found to the taxi stand in Arima, in Barrackpore, in Diego Martin, in Couva, in Laventille…come and manufacture what girls and youth were doing day in and day time out. Near and rep a fall in a PH automobile or in a taxi, come in the night time.

“Faux you are no longer a flesh presser, pretend you are a clerk in a retailer, or a packer in a grocery and apart from you now beat back work and apart from you want find dwelling. Mr flesh presser, Ms flesh presser, come and take a look at what we as celebrated girls and girls ought to buckle down and do good-looking out for to find to faculty or work or dwelling. Then, perchance then, you are going to attain that there might be a ought to change the rules,” the girl acknowledged.

One more marcher, Roger, acknowledged he came out to boom attributable to his wife, sisters and nieces are all in hazard.

“I am hoping the authorities, the politicians – the leadership of the PNM and the UNC – would pause making a political football out of crime and realise they’re responsible and occasion to behave. They ought to realise that they ought to manufacture something about crime. Discontinuance taking part in the blame game.”

Yassar Baksh, who directed the chants of the marchers, acknowledged he became relaxed with the turnout.

“In reality it takes handiest one particular person to manufacture a distinction. If we as folk come together, one plus one makes two, at last you manufacture five, five and five makes ten and then you definately find to 100 and then to 1,000 – and that’s when you find our supposed leaders to hear. You might well like to be the change you want check out in society.”

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