Customers bawl over neverending queue: Nope, now not the grocery store. GitHub Actions is having a workflow coast

Code automation stalwarts beget persisted a anxious launch as much as the week after GitHub Motion began tottering this morning, taking a quantity of carefully crafted workflows down with it.

Person complications were first reported at 9.44 UTC on 1 March, and a minute before the hour the Microsoft division admitted there used to be “degraded availability” for GitHub actions.

That degraded availability manifested itself for affected users as a neverending queue for jobs.

The outage comes on the eve of Microsoft’s Ignite digital shindig, where the company will no doubt be extolling the virtues of its cloudy product lines.

GitHub Universe, Sam Lambert

GitHub grabs a a part of the Actions: ‘A mission that might finish for machine fashion what we did for the pull are looking ahead to of’


GitHub Actions popped up in beta rep assist in 2018, and an effusive Sam Lambert told The Register at the time that “we’re about to ship a mission that might finish for machine fashion what we did for the pull are looking ahead to of.” Presumably, alternatively, that did now not mean “fall over into a gibbering pile of automation workflow code after a nudge in the nethers.”

Issues have not been going swimmingly for GitHub Actions in most fresh weeks. Its beget dwelling history reveals the u.s.a.and (frequent) downs of the provider. One might possibly possibly nearly append a further two letters to the dilapidated CI/CD: OB – Occasional Borkage.

Since these downtimes on Actions happen ethical about a week lately, I gain it is seemingly you’ll possibly possibly possibly need some automation in your automation…

— Or Hiltch (@_orcaman) March 1, 2021

On the time of publication, the instruct looked accepted. Customers moreover expressed instruct about what might possibly possibly happen once GitHub’s provider dragged itself assist to its toes and those queued workflows resumed. One noted: “Because it can’t be canceled, it could possibly deploy to production randomly (once the provider will get assist on-line),” in conjunction with, “here is mighty worse then [sic] time-wasting.”

The Register has contacted GitHub for a proof of this day’s incident and requested why the final few weeks beget proven so now not easy for the provider. We are in a position to update might possibly peaceable a proof be impending. ®

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