Cuomo calls for self reliant review after second feeble aide accuses him of sexual harassment

Unique York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Saturday called for an self reliant review of allegations by a feeble aide that he sexually careworn her on the job. He denied the accusations, and talked about all of his workers would cooperate with the review, to be performed by a retired federal mediate that his drawl of labor chose.

The aide, Charlotte Bennett, is the second to come relief ahead since December to assemble such allegations. The Unique York Times reported her allegations Saturday, writing that Bennett, 25, talked about he made overtures about having a sexual relationship with her.

The Times reported that Bennett — a feeble government assistant and successfully being protection adviser within the Cuomo administration — talked about Cuomo asked her about her intercourse existence and whether or now not she had slept with older men.

Cuomo, 63, issued an announcement Saturday evening whereby he denied treating her that methodology.

“When she came to me and unfolded about being a sexual assault survivor and how it fashioned her and her ongoing efforts to manufacture a firm that empowered her train to wait on other survivors, I attempted to be supportive and counseled,” he talked about.

He added, “Ms. Bennett’s preliminary influence was valid: I was attempting to be a mentor to her. I by no methodology made advances in direction of Ms. Bennett nor did I ever intend to behave in any methodology that was unfriendly.”

Cuomo called for “a beefy and thorough initiating air review.”

“This wretchedness can’t and might well simply now not be resolved within the press,” he talked about.

Beth Garvey, special counsel and senior advisor to Cuomo, talked about within the identical assertion that feeble federal Advance to a resolution Barbara Jones would lead an self reliant review, and that every the governor’s staffers were ordered to cooperate.

Requires such an investigation grew louder in Albany among Cuomo’s fellow Democrats.

Garvey talked about Bennett, who left the drawl of labor in November, had requested a job switch and did now not present off the allegations within the direction of an exit interview.

Bennett suggested to the Times that she was transferred days after she disclosed the alleged harassment to Cuomo’s chief of workers, Jill DesRosiers.

Bennett and DesRosiers did now not as we declare retort to requests for affirm Saturday.

Bennett’s allegations follow those of Lindsey Boylan, a deputy secretary for economic construction and special adviser to the governor from 2015 to 2018, who tweeted in December that Cuomo “sexually careworn me for years.”

Boylan adopted up the tweet with a more detailed myth, including an unwanted kiss from Cuomo.

Cuomo spokesperson Caitlin Girouard talked about in an announcement to NBC Unique York on the time, “There is completely no fact to these claims.”

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