China mobile immediate-video app market; Tik Tok vs. Kuaishou


Kuaishou began to lead the immediate video market by reaching over 200 million MAU in November 2017. Tik Prime, part of Toutiao, noticed wonderful order in MAU from September 2017. In February 2018, Kuaishou continued to dominate this market with DAU of exceeding 100 million, adopted by Tik Tok.

Prime website visitors driver in contrast: TikTok/Douyin vs. Kuaishou vs. Bilibili vs. RED

The demographic profile of China immediate-video apps

The bulk of China’s immediate-video users (over 70%) is between 18 and 35 years-mature and extra are positioned in tier-3 and tier-4 cities than the discontinuance tier cities.

The DAU/MAU ratio of Kuaishou and Tik Tok each reached 0.45, that system every consumer equally delivery Kuaishou/Tik Tok app nearly every diverse day.

15 seconds immediate video is Tik Tok’s critical product, which meets users’ need for fragmentation of the network transmission. Tik Tok users absorb a protracted duration of the engagement. Spherical 30 million users opened Tik Tok at 9: 00 and don’t turn it off till 23: 00 at unhurried evening. Curiously simplest after they fell asleep did they stopped watching immediate videos.

In particular, after a meal and earlier than sleep are peak sessions for browsing Kuaishou and Tik Tok.

In February 2018, Tik Tok users frail 24-35 accounted for 46.71% of the total users on Tik Tok. When in contrast with users frail below 24 who were the bulk in July 2017, they’ve higher earnings and consumption power. Furthermore, users stay in unparalleled tier 1 and tier 1 cities accounted for 63.87% of the total. Hence, it becomes more straightforward for Tik Tok to complete website visitors monetization.

Feminine younger users frail below 24 symbolize the bulk of Kuaishou/Tik Tok users. Kuaishou had higher penetration payment than Tik Tok in fourth-tier cities or below whereas Tik Tok conducted better in first and 2d tier cities than Kuaishou.

The choice of users with a bachelor stage or above of Tik Tok became 10% greater than that of Kuaishou. On the replacement hand, the earnings ranges of the 2 immediate-video mobile apps were nearly the similar.

The most enticing substances of Kuaishou lie in its interesting and down-to-earth, versus fun, frigid, and younger substances of Tik Tok.

57% users of every apps observe interesting standard of us; and, 53.3% users observe the proficient. Within the mean time, each Kuaishou and Tik Tok are inclined to give extra fortify and exposure to the interesting standard of us.

After seeing diverse users’ interesting videos, 77.8% of Tik Tok users would strive to imitate the video by themselves in contrast with 50.9% Kuaishou users. The incentive of recording lifestyles on immediate video drives 59% Tik Tok users and 49.1% Kuaishou users to submit a video.

For users who had used each Kuaishou and Tik Tok, 15% of them uninstalled each of them. For users who absorb used each apps but in the waste withhold as a minimal surely one of them, 4.4% of them decide Kuaishou whereas 31.5% of them decide Tik Tok.

Every Kuaishou and Tik Tok noticed higher consumer churn payment in female users than male ones, higher in the 2d- and fourth-tier cities or below than the first- and third-tier cities. Kuaishou loses most users in the 2d-tier cities in contrast with Tik Tok in fourth-tier cities or below.

When in contrast with Tik Tok, users in most cases have a tendency to head away Kuaishou for boring assert material or application accumulate no longer hitting the distance.

Users expend extra time on Tik Tok.

Chinese influencer platforms: Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu

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