Apple M1 vs. Ryzen 5000: MacBook Knowledgeable and Asus ROG Drift X13, in contrast

Apple’s M1 chip has impressed all individuals, but so has Ryzen 5000.

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We’ve already examined AMD’s Ryzen 5000 cell in opposition to Intel’s present Core i7 chips in laptops, and Ryzen with out intention back wins. Nevertheless what all individuals in actuality needs to perceive is how it stacks up in opposition to Apple’s impressive M1 silicon in the brand new MacBook Knowledgeable.

The M1 is a 5nm, TSMC-built chip in conserving with the Arm structure—a onerous pivot by Apple after ending its 15-year relationship with Intel. Despite the performance hit of dealing with translating x86 instructions to Arm, as soon as we examined the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 in opposition to Intel 10th-gen and 11th-gen CPUs and AMD’s Ryzen 4000, we were if truth be told impressed.

Cribbing from all these performance outcomes, we decided to study benchmarks bustle by our sibling problem, Macworld, to boot to outcomes from revered work position builder Puget Systems, to test actual where the CPUs and laptops study.

For our outdated comparisons we featured these laptops: 

  • MSI’s Converse 14 Evo: 4-core, 11th-gen Core i7-1185G7 with Iris Xe graphics, 16GB of LPDDR4X/4267 memory, 512GB PCIe Gen 4 SSD, 14-bound FHD display disguise. It weighs 2.7 kilos.
  • MSI’s older Converse 14: 6-core, 10th-gen Core i7-10710U, GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q graphics, 16GB of LPDDR3/2133 memory, 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD, 14-bound 4K display disguise. It weighs 2.8 kilos.
  • Lenovo’s IdeaPad Slim 7: 8-core Ryzen 4800U with Radeon graphics, 16GB of LPDDR4X/4267 memory, 512GB PCIe 3.0 SSD, 14-bound FHD display disguise, lap weight of three.1 kilos.
  • The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14: 8-core Ryzen 9 4800HS, GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q graphics, 16GB of DDR4/3200 memory, 1TB PCIe 3.0 SSD, 14-bound FHD display disguise, and a weight of three.6 kilos. 

As nicely as to those  laptops, we even have:

  • Acer Predator Triton 500: 6-core Core i7-10750H, GeForce RTX 2080 Huge Max-Q, 32GB of DDR4/2933, 1TB SSD, 15.6-bound FHD 300Hz display disguise. The laptop weighs 4.8 kilos. (We reviewed a extraordinarily identical Acer Predator Triton 500 final year.)
  • Gigabyte Aorus 17: 8-core Core i7-108750H, GeForce RTX 3080 with 105-watt TGP GPU, 32GB of DDR4/2933 RAM, 1TB SSD, 17.3-bound FHD 300Hz display disguise. It weighs 6 kilos. (Display: This laptop is mistitled “Gigabyte Aero 17” in the performance charts. PCWorld regrets the errors.)

Our final entry to list is the Ryzen 5000-packing laptop of the hour:

  • Asus ROG Drift X13: 8-core Ryzen 9 5980HS, GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q, 32GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 1TB SSD. It aspects a 14-bound, 16: 10 aspect-ratio contact panel with a 4K HDR+ display disguise and weighs 2.9 kilos.

The Drift X13 does provide one thing the MacBook Knowledgeable doesn’t: exterior GPU enhance. The truth is, it will’t be bought with out the customised-designed GeForce RTX 3080-essentially based mostly XG Mobile that’s connected using a proprietary x8 PCIe connection. We didn’t have access to an XG Mobile for our review, as it modified into as soon as stuck in customs.

Asus Flow X13 Ryzen 5980HS GeForce RTX 3080 eGPU XG Asus

The Asus ROG Drift X13 weighs actual 3 kilos in spite of getting a Ryzen 9 5980HS inner of it.

We perceive the sample field is diverse. We don’t in actuality assume someone would set the 5-pound Acer Predator Triton 500 in the identical class as any of the three-pound laptops. The identical goes for the even heavier (and extra highly efficient) Gigabyte Aorus 17. We did are looking out for to consist of the outcomes for reference, as some may well well maybe surprise what you glean have to you’re willing to take care of up the extra kilos.

One final discover earlier than we glean too some distance down the road: Jersey-carrying Mac fans may well well maybe narrate that striking AMD’s 35-watt Ryzen 9 5980HS up in opposition to the low-wattage M1 is merely unfair, in particular focused on the Asus ROG Drift X13 also aspects a GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU.

We agree that it’s now not a delicate oranges-to-oranges comparison, but for the reason that MacBook Knowledgeable M1 and the ROG Drift X13 on the complete weigh the identical, a seemingly purchaser would naturally witness them as competitors.

We’ll kick this off with Maxon’s Cinebench R20, a current test in conserving with the Cinema4D 3D modelling and rendering software program. The test is virtually CPU-creep, and it loves processor cores. It also tends to hit older Intel CPUs.

The leader of the pack is the Asus ROG Drift X13 and its Ryzen 9 5980HS chip, with the older Ryzen 4000-essentially based mostly laptops (Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 and Asus ROG Zephyrus G14) rather conclude in the encourage of. Intel’s a runt bit more contemporary Core i7-10870H in the Gigabyte Aorus 17 truly does relatively nicely, on the opposite hand it has the succor of the corpulent cooling from the six-pound body.

The MacBook Knowledgeable M1 doesn’t test so scorching and in actuality loses to the 11th-gen Core i7-1185G7 CPU in the MSI Converse 14. Nevertheless we’d be taking part in favorites if we didn’t present that one colossal intention back to the MacBook Knowledgeable is the usage of Apple’s Rosetta 2 to address translation of the x86 code to Arm. So, withhold judgement.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 cinebench r20 nt IDG

In Cinebench R20 multi-threaded, the Asus ROG Drift X13 conquers all, and the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 falls virtually to the encourage of the pack. Longer bars present better performance.

Cinebench R20 helps you to bustle using a single thread, so we did that with all the laptops. To be trustworthy, they’re mostly in the identical ballpark, however the standouts are AMD’s new Ryzen 5000 in the Asus ROG Drift X13, and Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger lake chip in the MSI Converse 14. 

m1 vs ryzen 5000 cinebench r20 1t IDG

In Cinebench R20 single-threaded, the MacBook Knowledgeable with M1 keeps up better, but AMD Ryzen 5000 and Intel 11th-gen Core i7 prevail. Longer bars present better performance.

Maxon has updated Cinebench R20 to Cinebench R23, and amongst the brand new changes is a default stress test mode, which runs the system for now not decrease than 10 minutes. The brand new model also gives native Apple M1 enhance.

As you may witness, the M1 in the MacBook Knowledgeable picks up loads of performance. Within the non-native model, the 8-core M1 modified into as soon as truly slower than the 4-core Core i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake CPU (MSI Converse 14). Freed of Rosetta translation, the 8-core M1 can match the performance of a 6-core Core i7-10750H in the easier, heavier and better-cooled Acer Predator Triton 500. It also comes scarily conclude to Intel’s 8-core Core i7-10870H in the even heavier Gigabyte Aorus 17. So yeah, sprint M1.

Nevertheless wait!—AMD is right here to impart hello to its cousin from TSMC. Each the U- and HS-sequence Ryzen 4000 chips (Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 and Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, respectively) outperform the M1, and the Ryzen 5000 in the Asus ROG Drift X13 in actuality steps away with 58 p.c extra performance. Yes, its Ryzen 9 5980HS is a better-wattage chip, but as we mentioned earlier than: Each are three-pound laptops you may take into story to glean “official” work done on the road.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 cinebench r23 nt IDG

Upgrading to Cinebench R23, the MacBook Knowledgeable with M1 is outpaces by the 10th-gen Core i7 in the hulking Gigabyte Aorus 17, to boot to your complete AMD Ryzen 4000 and Ryzen 5000 systems. Longer bars present better performance.

We also bustle Cinebench R23 on all the laptops using a single thread. This helps retract away the disparity of core counts and SMT and Hyper-Threading, to boot to the scale disparity amongst the laptops. What we glean is the next in actuality feel for the vogue every CPU would contend with relatively heavy tasking using a single compute thread.

We’d again narrate they’re all in the identical ballpark, but this time there’s a clear competition amongst Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake (MSI Converse 14), Apple’s M1 (MacBook Knowledgeable), and AMD’s Ryzen 5000 (Asus ROG Drift X13). Now now not one among the laptops confirmed listed right here are slack, however the snappiest of them is on the complete in conserving with these three families.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 cinebench r23 1t IDG

When we bustle Cinebench R23 in single-threaded mode, Apple’s M1 chip at final competes fully with AMD and Intel competitors. Longer bars present better performance.

We subsequent ran Chaosgroup’s V-Ray Next renderer on the laptops. The identical caveats from above alter to, that the M1 is handcuffed when dealing with non-native code. Nevertheless as we seen from Cinebench R23, that obtained’t attend it in opposition to the Ryzen chips.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 v ray next cpu IDG

The MacBook Knowledgeable with M1 is hobbled by Rosetta translation in V-Ray Next. Longer bars present better performance

Few folks truly attain 3D rendering—even though their laptop is able to it—so shopping for a extra valuable metric that some distance extra folks use, we extinct Puget System’s Pugetbench for Adobe Premiere to measure the performance of the Windows laptops, and in contrast that to outcomes that Puget System itself derived for the MacBook Knowledgeable M1.

Adobe Premiere faucets both the CPU and GPU relying on how you utilize it. Pugetbench uses both to decide its overall rating. Laptops with huge, fleshy GPUs obviously attain better right here, however the CPU issues too. With its GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q, the Ryzen 5000 has the lead, but most productive when field to its better-performance Turbo environment.

All the laptops with integrated graphics, including the 10th-gen Core i7-1185G7 (MSI Converse 14), Apple M1 (MacBook Knowledgeable), and Ryzen 7 4800U (Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7), design out on the bottom. Nevertheless the M1 truly does relatively nicely in particular in case you watched about that it’s aloof the non-native model of Premiere. We also assume that colossal succor the Gigabyte Aorus 17 has with its 8-core Core i7-10870H and GeForce RTX 3080 would doubtless fall if we curved up the Drift X13 to its GeForce RTX 3080 eGPU. Even though the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 picked up bump from a local model of Premiere, its inability to bustle an eGPU would hamper these who need extra GPU performance when running plugged in. 

m1 vs ryzen 5000 premiere IDG

Longer bars present better performance

Our subsequent test uses Pugetbench for Photoshop, to bustle the laptops by a spate of assessments on the ragged photo editor. Photoshop tends to be much less reliant on multiple cores, so CPUs with better clock speeds to boot to excessive efficiency are inclined to use. The filters may well well be hit-or-leave out—some use extra cores, whereas others favor obvious CPU designs. That it’s seemingly you’ll well read extra about actual what issues to Photoshop, Premiere and Adobe Lightroom (which isn’t examined right here on the Mac) on this deep-dive story. Photoshop also cares just a few quickly GPU for some responsibilities, but now not like Premiere, GPU doesn’t topic rather as valuable across the board. 

Even with out its exterior GeForce RTX 3080, the Asus ROG Drift X13’s Ryzen 9 5980HS stands above the others. We assume it may well well doubtless open that lead valuable extra with the XG Mobile attached. The Apple M1 in the MacBook Knowledgeable does relatively nicely, on the opposite hand it’s on the complete dumb-even with Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake chip in the MSI Converse 14.

The Apple M1 is again handcuffed with Rosetta 2 translation, so we’ll must revisit this when Adobe releases native variations. Even as you occur to if truth be told use one among these new laptops upright now, the Ryzen 5000 is clearly quicker.

It is a runt bit unfair that the Asus ROG Drift X13 comes with 32GB of RAM in contrast to the 16GB of RAM in the MacBook Knowledgeable M1, but we don’t blame Asus for that. It gives its laptop with 32GB of RAM, whereas Apple limits the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 to 16GB.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 photoshop IDG

Longer bars present better performance

We’ll conclude out our outcomes using Topaz Lab’s Gigapixel AI. It’s an software program that uses AI to enlarge the usual of up-sampling of photographs. It’s one among a handful of purposes to use Intel’s AI hardware acceleration, so Intel’s most up-to-date 11th-gen CPUs are inclined to attain the supreme. The software program may well well moreover use OpenGL, so laptops with huge, burly GPUs or integrated graphics attain better as nicely.

The winner, no surprise, is the 11th-gen Core i7-1185G7 in the MSI Converse 14, by an limitless margin. Even the laptops with very quickly GPUs can’t beat it—though they glean rather conclude.

The mighty Ryzen 5000 in the Asus ROG Drift X13 is handcuffed by the GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q, however the worst performer by some distance is the MacBook Knowledgeable M1. The truth is, when Macworld ran Gigapixel AI for us, it modified into as soon as the first time the editor had ever heard the fan on the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 flip on. 

This end result tells us one thing: As apps retract succor of Intel’s DL Boost aspects, Intel’s CPUs stand to have a severe leg up. Apple’s M1 truly aspects its comprise AI hardware enhance, which we suspect it will persuade builders to enhance—ultimately. The intention back for smaller builders a lot like Topaz Labs is the engineering effort it has invested already, and how lengthy it takes to safe a 180-stage flip in design.

So that shocking performance of the MacBook M1 in Gigapixel AI and other apps that have supported Intel hardware may well well maybe stick round for rather a whereas.

m1 vs ryzen 5000 topaz gigapixel ai IDG

Longer bars present better performance

A display disguise about battery life

We don’t glean into battery life outcomes right here, but from your complete reports we’ve seen, the list would doubtlessly set the Apple MacBook Knowledgeable M1 on top, adopted by the two laptops with integrated graphics, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 7 and MSI Converse 14. We attain know the Ryzen 9 5980HS in the Asus ROG Drift X13 has no likelihood, with video rundown in the 5- to 6-hour differ. So victory right here, in all likelihood, goes to the MacBook Knowledgeable M1. 


Within the occasion you’re procuring your laptop in conserving with performance, it’s rather clear which CPU you may well aloof use: AMD Ryzen 5000. Despite the differences between it and the MacBook Knowledgeable M1 in wattage, both laptops weigh the identical. That AMD and Asus can shoehorn any such highly efficient Ryzen 5000 into any such skinny and gentle-weight—and convertible—laptop is relaxed. It’s going to be in actuality onerous to beat the ROG Drift X13. 

Apple has highly efficient CPUs coming, but when these sprint into heavier and better laptops—would these study? We’ll imperfect that bridge as soon as we glean there. Upright now, for performance customers shopping for the final in portability and performance, the Asus ROG Drift X13 beats the MacBook Knowledgeable M1.

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