Android 12 might maybe perhaps permit font, emoji updates with no corpulent draw enhance

Code changes merged to AOSP search for to switch fonts and emojis to a uncommon plot where they might maybe be up to this point without problems

It appears to be to be like like Android 12 might maybe perhaps execute fonts and emojis updateable with no corpulent draw enhance.

A number of code changes that might maybe perhaps execute this imaginable were observed encourage in November. At the time, the code became as soon as peaceful in pattern. Now, Android Police experiences developers merged to the Android Birth Source Project (AOSP), that plot we might maybe perhaps gawk the change in Android 12.

For some context, Android at repeat shops fonts and emojis in the ‘draw partition,’ which requires root privileges or a tool update to change. On the opposite hand, the new code merged into AOSP would purchase away emojis and fonts from the draw partition and switch it to the ‘data partition.’

To build malicious apps from altering things or smash fonts on Android telephones, the file can utterly be written to by the ‘system_server.’ On the opposite hand, apps would peaceful maintain read win admission to, which is all they’d must demonstrate text and render emoji.

In the raze, the change ought to mean emojis and fonts win more frequent updates, in particular for those using telephones from manufacturers who don’t maintain the most attention-grabbing song file with upgrades.

With the changes getting merged into AOSP before the Android 12 beta’s doable arrival, it appears to be likely the change in most cases is a portion of the next vital OS enhance. The Android 11 developer preview debuted in February final year, that plot we are in a position to be heading in the correct direction for a February open of the Android 12 preview too.

Source: AOSP, (2), (3) By strategy of:  Android Police

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