Uorfi Javed controversies: Spat with actor, Chetan Bhagat, now Chitra Waghs complaint

Uorfi Javed, actor and social media influencer, shot to fame and found herself embroiled in several controversies within just one year. Uorfi, a former Bigg Boss contestant, is known for her bold looks because of which she often gets criticised online. Javed, however, calls herself an artist and claps back at trolls and haters. There are also those, among celebs and regular netizens alike, who praise her for her creativity and refer to her as a ‘fashion icon’. 

Whether it’s a war of words with another celeb, legal trouble, or dealing with haters, Uorfi continues to face it all and make headlines. Here’s what you need to know about the controversies involving Uorfi Javed:

Urfi Javed summoned by police after politician’s ‘nudity complaint’

The fashionista was summoned by Amboli police after BJP leader Chitra Wagh filed a complaint against Uorfi for her outfits that allegedly promote ‘nudity’ and ‘vulgarity’. Chitra had demanded action against the influencer alleging the dresses worn by her are obscene and against Indian and Maharashtrian culture.

Police reportedly sent a notice to Uorfi Javed and summoned her on Saturday (January 14). 

A few days ago, Chitra Wagh slammed Uorfi Javed with a tweet that was originally written in Marathi saying: “Half-naked women walk openly on the streets. Why is the Women’s Commission itself not taking notice of this? The protest is not against Urfi but against attitude of walking around openly in public places. And yes…the women’s commission will do anything or not?” 

Uorfi Javed calls Chetan Bhagat a ‘pervert’ 

In November 2022, author Chetan Bhagat sparked a row after he made a comment at a literature festival about Uorfi Javed’s outfits that according to him ‘distracts boys’.

The author had said, “Phone has been a great distraction for the youth, especially the boys, spending hours just watching Instagram Reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is.” 

Uorfi responded to Bhagat by sharing his leaked Whatsapp chats during the #MeToo movement, which led the famous fiction writer to issue a clarification on Twitter. 

In reply to Chetan’s accusations wrote, Uorfi wrote, “Stop promoting rape culture you sickos out there! Blaming a woman’s clothes for the behaviour of men is so 80’s mr @chetanbhagat. Who was distracting you when you messaged girls half of your age? Always blame the opposite gender, never accept your own shortcomings or faults! People like you are misguiding the youth, not me. Encouraging men to put the blame on the woman or her clothing when they are at fault.”

In an Instagram story, Uorfi wrote, “Men like him will always blame the women rather than accepting their own shortcomings. Just because you are a pervert doesn’t mean it’s the girl’s fault or what she is wearing. Unnecessarily dragging me in a conversation, commenting on how my clothes are distracting young boys is such a f**ked thing to say! You messaging young girls isn’t a distraction for them though.”

Have never spoken to/chatted with/met/ known someone where it’s being spread that I have done so. It’s fake. a lie.also a Non issue.Haven’t criticised anyone.And I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career

— Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat) November 27, 2022

In response to the screenshots and Uorfi’s statements, Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter and wrote, “Have never spoken to/chatted with/met/ known someone where it’s being spread that I have done so. It’s fake. a lie. Also a Non issue. Haven’t criticised anyone.And I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career.”

Uorfi Javed and Chhahat Khanna’s social media spat

In September 2022, Uorfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna got into a war of words on social media.

Chahatt initiated the fight by commenting on Uorfi’s clothing style and went on to ‘mock’ her choice. In reply, Uorfi took a dig at Chahatt by bringing up her two divorces and previous relationships. 

When Chahatt’s name popped up in the ED case involving alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Uorfi took another jibe at her on her Instagram stories, which escalated their fight. 

Chahatt then commented that Uorfi had apologised back then and asked what made her come back again. Uorfi clarified why she apologised before and called Chahatt an aunty.

Chahatt then penned another note on her Instagram story slamming Uorfi for calling her an aunty. The ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ actor slammed Uorfi by saying she can never be an aunty, mother, or wife and asked her to stop doing ‘semi-nude’ spottings and find real work instead.

Uorfi told her followers in a story to make note of the word ‘semi nude’ and shared pictures of Chahatt in a bikini, swimsuit and a backless dress.

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