Unique protest: Angry customer ties electric scooter to donkey after Ola ignores complaints

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA Web Desk |Updated: Apr 25, 2022, 11:57 PM IST

Electric vehicles and fire have become synonymous in the past few days. After repeated complaints of fire in electric vehicles, Ola had withdrawn about 1400 of its electric scooters from the market. Recently, another user of Ola electric user has staged a protest against the company’s failed response to his repeated complaints.

The man, named Sachin Gitte hails from the Beed district of Maharashtra. Gitte claims that his Ola scooter stopped functioning just six days after he purchased it. He said that he has already complained to the company about this failure and hasn’t received any response.

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Frustrated with the company’s shear ignorance, Gitte decided to tie his two-wheeler to a donkey and take it around the town with banners asking people not to buy anything from the unreliable manufacturer.

According to a leading Indian daily, Gitte booked his electric scooter in September 2021 and received it on March 24. Withing six days of delivery, the electric scooter stopped working and Gitte contacted the firm to offer some solution. Thereafter, a company mechanic visited to check the issue but couldn’t resolve it.

Unable to find a solution, Gitte repeatedly called at the company’s customer service but couldn’t get a valuable response and hence decided to use his donkey as a sign of protest.

A video of Gitte’s protest was recently spotted on the local news channel LetsUpp Marathi. Since the day of this unique protest, the town of Parli is sparked with numerous opinions from different people.

While urging other people to avoid investing money in Ola’s products, Gitte said, “There is no financial protection for consumers from Ola company, which deals in thousands of crores of rupees.”

The video shared on Instagram has led many commenters to tag Ola in hope of getting a responsible answer. While many people are questioning the quality of electric vehicles, others are blaming the company for delaying response to Gitte’s repeated requests.

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