Ukraine prosecutors set to begin first war crime trial of captured Russian soldier

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The Ukraine’s Prosecutor General on Wednesday, 11 May, announced plans for initiating the first war crimes trial of a captured Russian soldier.


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As Moscow’s military’s offensive in Kyiv continues, the Ukraine’s Prosecutor General on Wednesday, 11 May, announced plans for the first war crimes trial of a captured Russian soldier. Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said that trials of Russian Sergeant Vadin Shyshimarin will begin in Kyiv for the killing of an 62-year-old civilian who was unarmed in the northeastern village of Chupakhivka. The soldier is likely to get 15 years in prison, if found guilty

Shysimarin, a 21-year-old commander of the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, who is presently in the custody of Ukraine will reportedly be the first Russian soldier to face trial over alleged murder of a 62-year-old man, The Guardian reported. Vadim Shysimarin, a sergeant, who was fighting in the Sumy region, killed a civilian in Chupakhivka village on 28 February. Taking to the Facebook account, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General office said that Shysimarin has been accused of driving a stolen car with four other soldiers as they tried to escape from Ukrainian troops and even shot an unarmed man who was on a bicycle while he was talking on phone. The incident happened near the victim’s house and the victim died at the spot. According to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s office, they have been carrying out an investigation into over 10,700 alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces. Furthermore, they have been able to identify more than 600 suspects.

Two Russian soldiers taken as prisoners by Ukrainian forces

Meanwhile, two Russian soldiers conducted artillery shelling of homes and buildings in Kozacha Lopan village in Kharkiv district using a Soviet truck-mounted 122mm multiple rocket launcher on February 24, The Guardian reported. The two soldiers, whose identities have not been revealed yet, allegedly targeted an “educational institution” in Ukraine’s Dergachiv city from Belgorod in Russia. They continued shelling in Kharkiv and Ukrainian forces took them as prisoners. Another soldier named Mikhail Romanov, has been accused of murdering a man and raping his wife repeatedly in their house in Brovarsky region in March. He reportedly threatened the woman and her child “with violence and weapons.”Ukraine has not been able to take Mikhail Romanov in custody and is unaware about his whereabouts. It is to mention here that ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, deaths and destruction have been witnessed in the war-torn country. Ukraine has accused Russian armed forces of committing war crimes.   

Image: AP

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