Twitter CEO Elon Musk confirms plans to increase character limit to 10,000

Reported By:Raunak Jain| Edited By: Raunak Jain |Source: DNA Web Desk |Updated: Mar 07, 2023, 05:57 AM IST

Twitter users might soon be able to say more in a single tweet, thanks to an upcoming feature that will let them post tweets with 10,000 characters. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, recently confirmed via a tweet that the company is working on this feature, which will offer a huge relief to users who often find themselves unable to express their thoughts in just 280 characters.

Interestingly, this new limit is even more than what Twitter Blue subscribers get. People who pay for this service can currently post tweets with 4,000 characters, while regular Twitter users are limited to just 280 characters.

It’s unclear whether the new feature will be limited to Twitter Blue subscribers or will be available to all users. Some speculate that it might only be offered to paid users, while others believe that Twitter may choose to increase the limit for regular users by a certain margin.

However, we won’t know for sure until the feature is released. Musk didn’t provide any specific timeline for its release, only saying that it would be added “soon.”

Twitter Blue already offers some exclusive features, such as the blue verified mark and the ability to upload longer videos. It also allows users to undo tweets before they are visible to others and adds an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication.

It remains to be seen whether this new feature will be added to the list of benefits for Twitter Blue subscribers or whether it will be available to all users. Either way, it’s an exciting development for Twitter users who want to share more in their tweets.

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