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Siddiqui said Sheezan’s relationship with Tunisha Sharma was over-friendly and he always saw them together.

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Athar Siddiqui, Tunisha’s co-star from ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul,’ exclusively spoke to Republic Media Network’s Mugdha Kapoor about Tunisha’s unfortunate death. The actor spoke about his bond with her on the show’s set. He also shed some light on Tunisha’s relationship with her co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan.   

Siddiqui had a friendly bond with the 21-year-old actor. He said, “Tunisha was a very cheerful person on the set. I always felt a positive vibe around her. I mostly stay angry on the set due to my negative role in the show. However, hanging out with her on the set always brought cheerful moments. She was a happy soul.” 

He added, “She mostly sat in groups, it was rare that she sat alone. Whenever we joined her to speak, she used to get a big smile on her face.”

Siddiqui said that she never seemed like she was suffering from depression. “It never looked like she was depressed because many times we used to have long conversations. Even when I asked her about her journey as an actor and the struggles she had to face, she always enjoyed it. I never had a conversation with her that gave me an impression that she was depressed,” said the actor.

Tunisha, ten days ago, was hospitalised after she had an anxiety attack, according to her uncle.

Siddiqui, who had no idea about the incident, said, “I can’t say. Actually, as an actor, it’s normal to have anxiety due to different schedules and weather changes. On top of it, she was in a relationship. Say if things were not working out, that would have added to her anxiety.”

Sheezan and Tunisha’s relationship

Siddiqui said Sheezan’s relationship with Tunisha was over-friendly and he always saw them together.
When asked about Tunisha and Sheezan’s breakup, Siddiqui said, “I have no idea. I have always seen them talking, laughing, chatting, and holding hands.”

According to Tunisha’s uncle, the actor visited Sheezan’s room minutes before she died by suicide. 

“She would often visit Sheezan in his makeup room. It isn’t unusual if she visited him on that particular day,” said the actor. 

Siddiqui on Love Jihad

After Tunisha’s death, BJP MLA Ram Kadam put ‘Love Jihad’ angle to the case. Commenting on the same, Siddiqui said, “I would like to say just one thing, they were both in a relationship, and mostly in relationships, you don’t see the religion but the soul.”

Tunisha, 21, died by suicide on the set of ‘Ali Baba: Dastan-E-Kabul’ on December 24.

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