The best — and the rest — of Super Bowl 2023 commercials

Two words: Stallone Face.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

The only time people actually look forward to watching commercials is upon us, also known as the Super Bowl. By now it’s become tradition to have ads stuffed to the gills with celebs during the exorbitantly-priced airtime, all in service of chips, micro or nacho.

If you’re not that interested in the matchup between Abbott Elementary‘s beloved Philadelphia Eagles and whatever show stans the Kansas City Chiefs, you’re in the right place! EW’s compiled all the best spots… and the other commercials from the Big Game.

This year, brands spared no expense in securing film legends, TV legends, sports legends, and John Legend (maybe). Some ads are gonna be hits, others are gonna be flops, and still others will be a reminder that Rihanna is performing so let’s just keep this show moving.

Breaking Bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMlemd6U24Y Paramount Plus with Stallone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJsngjDn9Qc Squarespace: https://www.yout ube.com/watch?v=XnLTBCSgGpQ

2023 Super Bowl ads

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Here, the best — followed by the rest — of Super Bowl 2023 ads so far.


Is there really anything remotely close to “too much” Adam Driver? Sure, he may not be shirtless on a horse (and then becoming a horse?), but a set overrun with Adam Drivers who still find it difficult working with one another is like a little bit of whimsy repeating. Just weird and delightful. 


It may not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty, but Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz is always a welcome addition to the party. What better ambassador for shopping till dropping than this Clueless queen? 


Paramount’s stalwart Mountain of Entertainment, a running gag of an ad for the past few years, brings in the big guns with Sylvester Stallone. In an ode to his 1993 blockbuster Cliffhanger, Stallone hangs precariously off his own chiseled face before succumbing to its mighty sneeze. This isn’t just stunt-casting, however, as Stallone stars on Paramount+’s Tulsa King and the upcoming docuseries The Family Stallone.


M&Ms, or rather, Ma&Yas made Maya Rudolph its spokesperson after some mishegas with the walking, talking candy-people it’s been using for decades. But in the capable-ish hands of Rudolph, we’ve got clams in our Ma&Yas. This feels like it’s going to crescendo—hilariously—by the time we get to the Super Bowl and even if it doesn’t, we love Maya Rudolph. The data proves it. 

Sam Adams

Move over, Flo from Progressive, Your Cousin From Boston may be our new fave fictional commercial character… what world are we living in? Well, that’s also on Your Cousin’s mind as he imagines what a “brighter Boston” might look like. It’s got some well-earned chuckles and a cameo from Celtics great Kevin Garnett. 

Michelob Ultra

Michelob went full-blown Caddyshack, with a three-minute spot starring tennis great Serena Williams trying her iconic swing with a golf club, and everyone’s favorite (?) dad Succession‘s Brian Cox. This feels like a Super Bowl ad: it’s big, it’s kinda dumb, but it’s still pretty fun. Brian Cox yelling at someone is always fun. A Bill Murray cameo would’ve put it over the top, though. 


Doritos has been teasing this commercial for awhile, something about Jack Harlow and a love triangle… and maybe national treasure Missy Elliott is involved? Doritos loves to go big or go home when it comes to their Super Bowl ads, but will this one be worth the hype? Who cares! It’s Missy F—ing Elliott. 


Sarah McLachlan (in a terrific blowout) went from being in the arms of the angel to the sights of a wolf for Busch, a tongue in cheek reference to her ads for the Humane Society that left even the burliest mountain man in a puddle of tears. The mix of “Angel,” McLachlan’s weepy 1998 single, and her earnest delivery with the montage of fuzzy forest animals is just the right mix of stupid that, for just pennies a day, can save up for a sequel to this ad. 

Avocados From Mexico

Wait, avocados are fruits? I guess that tracks, seed being on the inside and what have you, but still feels wrong. What does feel right, however, is Anna Faris, a gifted comedic actress we just don’t get enough of. So much of what dictates a good, or passable, Super Bowl commercial is the casting. And when in doubt, a beloved and underrated character actress will always come through. 


We all knew Downy’s “mysterious” hoodie-sniffing celeb was Danny McBride based off that distinctive voice alone. But changing his name to Downy McBride? We all deserve better than that. But McBride is nothing if not a game performer and his charm (and some DMX) can’t help but be… unstoppable. 

Bud Light

Miles Teller and his wife Keliegh star in this ode to the low-key bops used for hold music. Simple, but effective. And that Miles Teller’s got some moves. 


Mr. Peanut, still alive and kicking, is getting roasted by none other than Roast Master General Jeff Ross. Honestly, after that nonsense with Mr. Peanut’s death/retirement a few years back, I think we’re all looking forward to that pantless legume getting his comeuppance. 


Six degrees of Kevin Bacon with a six pack? Bring on the stars. 


While we can debate the merits of an alcohol-free beer — or another Ant-Man movie —we can all agree on Paul Rudd

Crown Royal

Dave Grohl and Crown Royal are teasing something for the Big Game — what will it be? But the real question is: When did commercials get trailers? 


What happens when Meghan Trainor gets her hand stuck in a Pringles can while practicing a TikTok dance to her earworm “Made You Look”? We’ll have to wait for the Big Game to find out, but you can already guess it involves a Pringles-on-your-hand viral meme situation and we already want to tap out. 


Rock stars are reclaiming their time in this ad from Workday. But at this point, can’t we just let Ozzy Osbourne rest?


John Cena is like Gene Kelly with 19-inch biceps. The man loves to put on a show. But don’t hold that against him. Experian, however, did our man dirty by making him sing and dance about paying rent. In this economy?! Read the room, Jonathan Larson… the guy who wrote the musical Rent.


Sometimes it’s nice to see beloved characters back on TV, especially if they met a grisly end. And sometimes, it’s best that stay dead—or in Alaska. This might’ve been one of those times. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprised their Breaking Bad roles, but not even eight flavors could save this ad. 

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