Somebody Build in A DIY Cam-Less ‘Freevalve’ System On An MX-5

Wesley Kagan has built his possess spend on Koenigsegg’s ‘Freevalve’ blueprint on an MX-5 in his storage and has made his work begin-supply

Someone Installed A DIY Cam-Less 'Freevalve' System On An MX-5 - DIY

Camshafts are garbage. Now no longer decrease than, when as compared with the abilities from Koenigsegg’s Freevalve offshoot. The theory is a barely straightforward but ingenious one – by ditching the cams and as a replace electronically-controlling a series of pneumatically actuated valves, much extra freedom is spread out.

You’re given far better alter of valve lift, opening them extra to extend performance or less for better effectivity. Granted, a camshaft with variable valve timing also can originate this, but in a much extra restricted formulation, with the alternate dependent most effective on engine hotfoot. Freevalve, alternatively, can alter the valve profile on the hotfoot with the movement as it sees match, taking into anecdote a couple of parameters alongside with engine temperature, pressure modes and even how the driver’s behaving.

More mainstream manufacturers have played round with this abilities in the previous, but with much of the car industry setting sights on electrification and ditching extra inner combustion engine developments, most effective Koenigsegg is pushing it. Oh, and a man called Wesley Kagan.

He’s been busy changing an NA Mazda MX-5/Miata to flee with out camshafts, documenting his work on YouTube. Kagan historic the stock cylinder head as a place to begin, adding a aggregate of bespoke and off-the-shelf substances to remodel the valves for pneumatic actuation. The redesigned head runs on a programme he wrote himself, and optimistic (after so much of days of tweaking), it runs and drives correctly.

Kagan admits his coding knowledge isn’t precisely tip-high, so as to realise the fat seemingly of his setup, he’s pledged to safe each and every the code and his CAD work on hand to all.

We’re in fright.

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