Espargaro: Strain “high” to be taught Honda with out Marquez

The six-time MotoGP podium finisher joins the factory Honda squad from KTM in 2021, but can web factual 5 days to web to know the RC213V in March sooner than the outlet round in Qatar.

Espargaro can web to web had two days on the Honda at a put up-season test at Jerez closing November to web his first journey of the bike, but lately time out became scrapped as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also misplaced a day from the six first and main scheduled for the 2021 pre-season when the three-day Sepang day time out became cancelled as a consequence of the virus.

Marquez confirmed on Tuesday he will no longer address shut piece in the Qatar test as he continues to web effectively from a third operation on a broken arm.

Even supposing Espargaro can web test rider Stefan Bradl and LCR duo Alex Marquez and Takaaki Nakagami heading in the right direction with him, he admits he “wants” Marquez, because the handiest technique for him to toughen on the bike “is to be taught from the supreme rider on the planet”.

“I’m going to scheme to Qatar rather of bit earlier, three days sooner than the test, and there I’m going to dwelling up with the total engineers and I’m going to search every single corner of the notice, strive to analyse every bit of knowledge I if truth be told web in my mind,” said Espargaro.

“This previous month I’ve been thinking different instances the build, for instance, Marc has been saving those crashes [which] in the cease give him a amount of functions; if he wouldn’t web saved those crashes per chance he would no longer snatch those races.

“So, here’s my quiz: how became Marc doing that? And it looks in these previous years that could additionally be a section of the Honda DNA.

“I wish to govern that blueprint. In KTM I became typically doing that, but I wish to be taught even more how to attain that, and the stress goes to be high with out Marc.”

He added: “For obvious now we web the satellite crew, and likewise they’re going to web factory bikes with Alex and Taka.

“They’re very, very fleet riders along with Bradl, who has been doing many laps in the pre-season and he’s going to be in the test in Qatar.

“So, for obvious I’m going to be taught a lot from him. Then let’s look when Marc arrives in the crew.

“With any luck it’s going to be as rapidly as conceivable, but what’s clear is we would prefer Marc as a consequence of he’s the amount indubitably one of the most crew and he’s the quickest with the bike and I if truth be told wish to be taught from him.

“The sooner he comes [back] the more I’m going to be taught from his facet and the sooner I’ll toughen.

“So, the technique I’m going to toughen is to be taught from the supreme rider on the planet and he’s the one.”

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