Spoon worth 90 paise was auctioned at Rs 2 lakhs for THIS reason

The spoon was made of silver and belonged to the 13th century

silver spoon

Updated: Aug 1, 2021, 10:28 PM IST

People absolutely have no dearth of money when it comes to hoarding their favourite antiques and we all have been witness to it time and again. We have also heard stories of how a person’s life has changed because they found something that is rare and there’s always someone wanting what the other has found. 

But this is something that we have never heard about. Recently, a man bought an old crumpled and degraded spoon for just 90 paise from a car boot sale in London and late sold it for a huge amount of Rs 2 lakhs through an online auction. Apparently, the man who bought the spoon from the street had a feeling that it might be a rare Medieval spoon and may bring him some fortune. 

Fortunately for the man, the spoon turned out to be a silver spoon dating back to the late 13th century and was valued at Rs 51,712 by a conservative estimate. The man soon approached the Lawrences Auctioneers, of Crewkerne, Somerset, and registered the spoon for the auction. 

Post that, he put the spoon for online auction and to his luck, the bid kept increasing throughout. After the bidding continued for some time, the final amount that it was sold at Rs 1,97,000. Along with taxes and other formalities, the price of the spoon crossed Rs 2 lakhs. “The vendor wrote me a lovely email saying he was watching the sale online with his daughter and couldn’t believe it. I think he is planning to spend the money on a staycation holiday to the East of England,” he further added.

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