Single use plastic elimination projects get nod from Delhi DoE seeks fresh ideas

As part of a comprehensive action plan to eliminate single-use plastic, the Delhi government has asked its schools to execute a variety of activities. The Directorate of Education (DoE) has outlined numerous projects that will be undertaken online until schools open again after the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from accepting a commitment to giving a speech on new solutions for plastic waste management, poster creating, and essay writing.

Activities on elimination of single-use plastic in Delhi schools

The DoE said in a communication to government schools, “The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, to tackle the menace of plastic waste, had notified the Plastic Waste Management Rules in March 2016. The rules make source segregation of various types of waste mandatory. The ambition is to follow a waste-to-wealth pathway via recovery, reuse and recycling. The rules also introduce Extended Producer Responsibility, as an environmental policy instrument, and assign the physical, financial and environmental responsibility to producers, brand owners and importers of plastic. Under the rubric of the extended producer responsibility, there is need to work with all stakeholders including local bodies, informal sector, etc.”

The Directorate said that in this connection, the modalities for preparing the comprehensive action plan and generating awareness and capacity building by developing a public movement by engaging with NCC, NSS, and school students. The DoE added, “A consolidated report of activities conducted is to be maintained by district coordinators.”

Delhi Govt To identify single-use plastic littering hotspots

According to a proposed action plan for the removal of environmentally hazardous products, the Delhi government would identify single-use plastic littering hotspots and the entrance points of such things into water bodies and drains by October 31 this year. According to a notification from the Union Environment Ministry, all single-use plastic items and production facilities in the capital will be closed down by June 30, 2022. Urban municipal governments and environmental and urban development departments will give incentives for alternative market penetration and design a plan to promote recycling technology and recycled products.

(with inputs from PTI)

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