Signal trolls Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook CEO found ‘using’ the app, read the tweet

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Facebook recently suffered a major data breach where it was revealed that Mark Zuckerberg used Signal App. See how Signal Twitter account reacted to the news.

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Source: Unsplash and Signal App

Facebook recently suffered a very large-scale user data breach. As per Bloomberg, data of at least 533 million Facebook accounts was leaked on Saturday. Ironically, the private data of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also leaked in that breach. It was also revealed that Mark Zuckerberg himself was using the Signal App, an app known for privacy and security features. Read on to know how the Signal App Twitter account reacted to this. 

Mark Zuckerberg on Signal App: Signal Reacts on Twitter 

On April 4, cybersecurity expert Dave Walker released a photo from the leaked database that proved that Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number and his personal data had been leaked in the giant Facebook hack. He also added a Tweet about Mark Zuckerberg using the Signal App. 

“In another turn of events, Mark Zuckerberg also respects his own privacy, by using a chat app that has end-to-end encryption and isn’t owned by @facebook. This is the number associated with his account from the recent Facebook leak,” Dave Walker wrote on Twitter. He also posted a screenshot of Zuckerberg’s leaked phone number which mentioned, “Mark Zuckerberg is on Signal.”

Responding to this new development, the official Twitter account of the Signal app didn’t waste time to take a pot shot on the situation. The Signal account shared a Tweet with a news article that mentioned that Zuckerberg was using Signal. They said in their Tweet that Mark Zuckerberg is leading by example when it comes to the privacy policies that are going to be rolled out on May 15th across Facebook-owned companies. 

Facebook has been criticised heavily for its invasive privacy policies it has introduced into WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. Once these policies are officially introduced on May 15th, Facebook will reserve the right to use their users’ data as they see fit. All your personal information, contacts, and photos will be available to Facebook to be shared with third parties. 

Facebook Data Breach 

The Facebook Leak is one of the biggest leaks in history. The leaked database of these 533 million people includes details like phone numbers, email IDs, photos and other details. Data from people of as many as 106 countries have been leaked. Around 32 million records were leaked from the US, 11 million from the UK and about 6 million in India. The exposed information includes data such as user location, full names, birthdays, biodata, email ids and passwords and phone numbers.

Source: Unsplash and Signal App

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