Shocking! Brother beheads sister, puts head on display for eloping with lover

Reported By:DNA Web Team| Edited By: DNA Web Team |Source: DNA webdesk |Updated: Dec 06, 2021, 11:48 PM IST

In a horrific case of honour killing, the Maharashtra Police has arrested an 18-year-old youth for beheading his elder sister and putting her head on display. The girl’s mother has also been arrested in the case. This incident is from a small agricultural village in Vaijapur tehsil of Aurangabad.

Hours after brutally killing the sister, accused Sanket (18) along with his mother Shobha (40) surrendered to the police and confessed his crime. Police official Suryakant R Mote, part of the investigation team, said that preliminary investigation has revealed a case of honour killing as the 19-year-old victim, eloped with her 23-year-old lover Ajay S, a resident of the same village, on June 21.

A few days back, the couple reached the village against the wishes of their family, six months after getting married in Alandi, Pune. Upon learning of his return, the mother and son visited the girl and signalled a reconciliation, after which the girl went to the kitchen to make tea and snacks. The mother and son followed her to the kitchen, where Shobha grabbed her feet, while her brother beheaded her. Later the mother-son threw the victim’s head outside the house and went to the police station and surrendered and confessed their crime.

After beheading his sister, the accused allegedly carried her head outside for the neighbours to see.

The frightened neighbours saw the woman’s head outside the house and the headless body covered with blood inside and informed the police. Mote said that as per the investigation, the complainant Ajay Thore is also a history-sheeter, against whom some cases are registered at the Vaijapur police station and was allegedly harassing and assaulting the woman. Her last rites were performed on Monday in the presence of his farmer father and in-laws.

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