Shakti written update for June 14: Mahi brings Angel and Daljeet to Harak Singhs house

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‘Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ is a daily soap that airs on Colors TV. Check out what happened in ‘Shakti’s’ latest episode which aired on June 14, 2021.

shakti written update


Shakti‘s latest episode shows Angel arriving at Harak Singh’s house and Virat finds out that Sant Baksh gave her and Daljeet bail. Angel says she was asked to come to live in the house by the owner and Mahi appears from behind. Harak Singh, Preeto, and the family chide her for betraying them. Read the entire written update of Shakti’s 14 June episode-

Shakti written update June 14, 2021 episode

Shakti’s latest episode starts with Virat angrily asking Angel as to how did she get out of jail. Angel tells him to ask his own father about it and Harman asks her what is she doing here. She tells him she was bailed out of jail because of her clean case and she has nothing to do with Heer’s kidnapping. Virat calls Sant Baksh and he tells him he does not have any evidence against them for now and also he should not worry since she is only out on bail and cannot leave the city. Angel tells the family that they can never do anything against her power and Virat angrily walks towards her. Angel tells him if he will hit a Kinnar, he will have to face the law. He says he would do anything to know about Heer and goes on to hit Angel but Daljeet stops him.

Soumya and Angel argue

Soumya asks Virat to not mess with the law right now. Harman tells her they are the same people who have kidnapped their daughter. Soumya tells Angel she should be grateful that her family respects the law or else both Daljeet and she would not even be able to stand in front of them. She tells if the Kinnars with her knew how real Gurumaa is then they would have never stood with her. Angel tells her to come in her real avatar and join her group. Soumya says she should be grateful she is not in her real avatar or else she would have fallen short of land to run away from her. Soumya commands them to leave her house. Angel says she has come to stay in their house and the house’s owner has called them to do so.

Mahi joins hands with Angel

Preeto says she never called her and Angel says not her but the other owner. Mahi appears from behind and she says she will never be leaving the house. Mahi says she was the one who brought Daljeet and Angel here and when her own left her she had to seek the help of the outsiders. Harman says how could she join hands with people who kidnapped their daughter. Harak Singh gets angry and tells her they thought of her as their daughter and this is what she gave them. Veeran, Preeto, and Simran also chide her. Mahi yells that she did the act of being nice but they never appreciated her. Mahi says Angel has promised her that once she settles her marriage with Harman she will bring back Heer. Angel interrupts that she only said she will help her to get Heer and she has no idea where she is.

Preeto slaps Mahi

Soumya says she heard mothers can never be a child’s enemy but today she proved that wrong by making a deal of her own daughter to get Harman. Mahi says Soumya has no right on her daughter since she is not her birth mother. Soumya says her and Heer’s relationship is of a pure heart and the bond is so strong that she can never do anything about it. Mahi counters that Heer is her real daughter and on paper, she is still Harman’s wife. Preeto says Soumya has the kind of relationship with Heer the way Yashoda had with Lord Krishna. Preeto tells her it was Soumya who took all the responsibilities of a daughter-in-law in the house and she will never be close to what Soumya is for them. Angel says they are feeling really hot in sun and they want to go inside. Mahi says she can go in the house with her group and they don’t need to fear anyone. Preeto stops them and slaps Mahi.


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