Sergio Ramos neither going to retire or terminate PSG contract, confirms brother

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Sergio Ramos is yet to play a match PSG after joining the team in July this year. His brother and agent Rene Ramos has now confirmed that he will not quit PSG.

Sergio Ramos

Image: AP/ Instagram- @psg)

Former Real Madrid skipper Sergio Ramos joined Ligue 1 side Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) after moving from the La Liga side during the Summer Transfer Window in July this year. However, since joining the team, Ramos is yet to make his first appearance for PSG, and as four months have passed since his joining, it was earlier being speculated that the Spainaird’s PSG contract could be in danger. However, his brother and agent Rene Ramos has confirmed that the 35-year-old footballer will neither retire nor terminate his PSG contract.

As per Be Soccer, while speaking to El Mundo, Rene Ranos discarded the speculations regarding his brother’s PSG contract being ended and said that Sergio would play for the team as soon as he could after recovering from the injury. Sergio didn’t feature on Saturday’s PSG vs Bordeaux clash but is expected to join the team in the training sessions in the coming weeks. Adding that nobody is keener to be back on the pitch than Ramos himself, Rene said, “Sergio Ramos is not going to retire and his contract is not going to be terminated at PSG. There’s no doubt about that”.

‘He will play when he can’, says Rene Ramos

Rene spoke about Ramos’ return to the pitch by saying that Sergio hasn’t put up the date regarding that, but he will definitely play when he can. The agent also added that the fact that the footballer is criticized for not playing till now, bothers him. He further said, “I look out for the interests of the players I represent, including Sergio. Does that make me bad”. Rene also reminded that he is the agent to more than 30 footballers before concluding the talk. 

Sergio Ramos earlier said after joining PSG that he wanted to stay at Real Madrid despite a one-year deal with a salary reduction being offered to him; however, the team let him go, citing that the offer expired. After joining Real Madrid in 2005, the centre-back played 671 matches for the team across various tournaments and scored 101 goals. He was rewarded with the responsibility of leading Real Madrid in six years of his sixteen-year-long career with the club.

Image: AP/ Instagram- @psg

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