SBI latest news: State Bank of India provides doorstep banking services

The country’s top lender is offering doorstep banking services to its customers. In the current COVID-19 scenario, one should step outdoors only when it is necessary. However, SBI doorstep banking facility is a relief to the customers who have facing difficulties in visiting nearby branches. SBI customers can avail the SBI Doorstep Banking Services (DBS) which will include the facilities like pick-up services for cheques, drafts, pay orders, new cheque book, and many more services.  

SBI has recently tweeted about the SBI doorstep services from its official Twitter handle. The tweed reads, “Your bank is now at your doorstep. Register for doorstep banking today. To know more: bank.sbi/dsb Toll-Free no. 1800 1037 188 or 1800 1213 721.”

Your bank is now at your doorstep. Register for doorstep banking today! To know more: https://t.co/m4Od9LFR3G Toll-Free no. 1800 1037 188 or 1800 1213 721#DoorstepBanking #DSB #Banking #StayAtHome #SBIAapkeSaath pic.twitter.com/Fr81GwcdL6

— State Bank of India (@TheOfficialSBI) June 19, 2021


According to the official website of SBI, services that can be availed through SBI Doorstep Banking (DSB) facilities are:

– Cash pickup

– Cash delivery

– Cheque pickup

– Cheque requisition Slip pickup

– Form 15H pickup

– Delivery of Drafts

– Delivery of Term Deposit Advice

– Life Certificate Pickup

– KYC documents pickup

Salient features of SBI Doorstep Banking Services:

– To avail SBI doorstep banking services, State Bank of India customers need to register at toll numbers 1800 1037 188 or 1800 1213 721.

– SBI is offering a number of services under the State Bank of India doorstep banking facility.

– SBI doorstep banking facility provides three types of services – pick-up services, delivery services, and other services.

– The pick-up services are provided for cheques/drafts/pay orders, new cheque book requisition slips, IT challan, and standing instructions request.

– Among the delivery services, SBI is offering drafts or pay orders, term deposit receipts, account statement, TDS/Form-16 Certificate, and gift card.

– Among other services, SBI is offering cash withdrawal, digital life certificate for pensioners.

Eligibility Criteria:

– Senior Citizens of more than 70 years of age and differently-abled or infirm persons (having medically certified chronic illness or disability) including those who are visually impaired.

– Services can be taken by the KYC compliant account holders.

– Valid mobile number should be registered with the account.

– Single account holders and Joint Account Holders with either or survivor/ former or survivor.

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