Sanjay Raut’s remand copy accessed; Fresh money trail, threat to witness raised by ED

Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Thursday was sent to the custody of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) till August 8 in the Patra Chawl land scam. A Mumbai court on Thursday observed that it was necessary for the ED to ‘investigate the source of the dirty money’ in the scam and how the same was inserted into the financial system. 

“I carefully examined the arguments from both sides, it is a fact that trail of money of Rs 1.17 crore and Rs 1.08 crore was not before the court when the court restricted the remand to ED. Considering the facts that some more amount has been revealed and tabled by ED with the bank statement, pointing out further trail amount, there is remarkable progress in the investigation,” Justice MG Deshpande noted.

“The contention by Raut’s lawyer is not justified because ED has to investigate the source of the dirty money and how the same was inserted in the financial system,” the Court observed, sending the Shiv Sena leader to the ED’s remand till August 8.

Republic has now accessed the remand application for Sanjay Raut’s custody which has presented key points pertaining to his involvement in the case. 

ED: ‘Raut gave evasive replies’

In the remand copy, the ED alleged that when the investigation pertaining to several bank accounts was conducted in presence of Sanjay Raut, it was revealed that several amounts have been received in the account of his wife Varsha Raut. “On investigation from Sanjay Raut, he could not explain but gave evasive answers for the reason as to why these huge amounts were paid to his wife,” the ED said. 

ED: ‘Raut received Rs 2 lakh monthly from Pravin Raut’

The ED further stated that the key accused in the scam, Pravin Raut, spent money from the proceeds of crime on the domestic and foreign tours undertaken by the family of Sanjay Raut. Moreover, the Shiv Sena MP also received Rs 2 lakhs in cash per month from Pravin Raut during the said period.

ED: ‘Raut threatened witnesses’

In another sensational allegation, the agency stated that Sanjay Raut threatened the sellers to sell their land situated at Kihim beach, Alibaug. Further, he has also threatened the witnesses who have deposed before ED. Notably, Varsha Raut and Swapna Patkar purchased at least 8 plots of land at the Kihim beach at Alibaug in Maharashtra.

ED: ‘Raut did not explain his involvement’

The agency also stated that after the remand, when the documents which were seized were scrutinized in presence of Sanjay Raut, they appeared in complete contradiction to the previous stand of the Shiv Sena leader. “The said document demonstrates that in the purchase of the properties at Alibaug had substantial cash transactions with the land owners. These documents are contrary to the earlier stand taken by Shri Sanjay Raut wherein he has refused any cash transaction in the said land deals,” it said.

“It is further submitted that the details of the persons mentioned in the said document is being investigated. The persons have been summoned and are directed to join the investigation on Friday, 5′ August 2022,” the ED added.

ED: ‘Fresh money trail to Raut & family established’

Detailing the money trail, the ED revealed that the amounts which are reflected in the account of Varsha Raut is to the tune of Rs. 1.08 crore (approx). This trail of monies is also a fresh trail that has been revealed in the investigation during the short remand period granted by the Hon’ble Court, the ED stated. 

“This trail needs to be further investigated for which, as stated earlier, the persons have been summoned and documents have been called for from the respective banks. The names of these persons are not revealed in the Remand Application and neither bank details are provided however the documents are available for the Hon’ble Courts’ kind perusal,” it said. 

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