Russia says its partners at G20 summit indicated that its unacceptable to isolate Moscow

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday, 8 July, said that many partners of Russia at the G20 meeting presented a “clear signal” that it was “unacceptable” to isolate Russia.

According to the statement released by the Russian Foreign Ministry, many partners of Moscow at the G20 meeting said that the sanctions imposed against Russia have “negative consequences,” TASS reported.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry statement, there were “sober assessments” of changes in the economy, including inflation caused by the West amid the COVID-19 pandemic, destabilization of supplies between countries and the geopolitical situation, as per the TASS report. The Russian Foreign Ministry released the statement after the G20 Foreign Ministers in Bali which was attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Furthermore, the Russian ministry stated that the leaders discussed the need to find a “common denominator” in resolving social and economic issues despite the confrontation by the West. 

Lavrov called for measures for establishing cooperation between nations

The Russian Foreign Ministry informed that Sergey Lavrov talked about the measures that need to be taken for establishing cooperation between nations based on the UN Charter and international law. Lavrov accused the West of “distorting interpretation” of the events in Ukraine and called it the causes of the crisis in Ukraine during the “coup” in 2014.

He accused US and EU of being involved in the 2014 coup in Ukraine. As per the news report, Lavrov emphasized Russia’s willingness to work for ensuring access to food and energy resources. On the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Ministers meeting in Bali, Sergey Lavrov held a meeting with counterparts from Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

US ceased all mutual relations with Russia: Sergey Lavrov 

After attending the meeting of G20 top diplomats, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that steps to halt all mutual relations were not taken by Russia but by the United States, as per the TASS report. Lavrov further stated that Kremlin has no intention of “offering to meet” and added that if the US is not willing to hold talks, “it is their choice.” Speaking about the role of Indonesia as the G20 chair, Lavrov stated that Indonesia understood the need to hold talks in “compliance with the norms of international law that are, in turn, based on the principles of sovereign equality.” Notably, the conference of the G20 Foreign Ministers was held in Bali on July 8. 

Image: AP

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