Putin to become father again! Rumoured girlfriend believed to be pregnant

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Amid all the tensions from the Russia Ukraine war, there is some good news for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. If news reports are to be believed, then Putin is going to become a father once again at the age of 69 years. Daily Mail reported that Putin’s 38-year-old secret girlfriend Alina Kabaeva, a former Russian gymnast is pregnant once again.

The report, which began circulating Monday, has not been independently confirmed. Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly shocked at the news. According to the Russian Telegram channel General SVR, which is believed to be run by a former Kremlin intelligence officer, the 2004 Olympic gold medal-winning rhythmic gymnast-turned-media mogul’s pregnancy was not a planned one.

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It has been claimed the couple already have two children together, which Putin has not publicly acknowledged. Putin has two daughters from his first marriage. President Vladimir Putin is going to turn 70 in October this year. Let us tell you that recently there were also reports that the President will undergo cancer surgery in a few days.

Who is Alina Kabaeva?

Alina Kabaeva is a Russian politician, media manager and a retired rhythmic gymnast. Alina is considered one of the most successful gymnastics players of all time, having won 2 Olympic medals, 14 World Championships and 21 European Championship medals in her career.

Many newspapers like The Guardian have claimed that Alina is Putin’s girlfriend. However, President Vladimir Putin has never publicly acknowledged this. Alina is rarely seen in public places. She was last seen dancing in December 2021 at the Divine Grace rhythmic gymnastics tournament in Moscow.

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Separated from wife after 30 years of marriage

Vladimir Putin married Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya in 1983. After living together for 30 years, both of them got divorced in the year 2014. Putin and Lyudmila have two daughters, Mariya Putina and Katerina Tikhonova. Mariya was born in 1985 in Leningrad and Katerina was born in 1986 in Germany. After separating from Putin, Lyudmila married a businessman 21 years younger than her.

Daughters completed studies with fake identities

Putin and Lyudmila’s daughters were named after their grandmother. In 1996, when Putin’s family moved to Moscow, the daughters were enrolled in a German-speaking school. After Putin became the acting president, the daughters were taken out of the school and the teachers started coming to teach both of them at home. Later both the daughters completed their studies with their fake identities.

Putin is a maternal grandfather

According to international media reports, 69-year-old Putin’s daughter, the 36-year-old daughter Mariya lives in Moscow with her Dutch husband. Medical researcher Mariya is also the mother of a son. Putin told filmmaker Oliver Stone in 2017 that he is a grandfather.

Stone asked him if he played with his grandson, in response Putin said, “Unfortunately very few times.” The second daughter Katerina is Acrobat Dancer. Katerina Tikhonova married Russian billionaire Kirill Shamalov in 2013. However, both got divorced in the year 2018.

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