Prashant Kishor slams ’30-year Lalu-Nitish rule’, calls for collective efforts for Bihar

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Poll-strategist Prashant Kishor has once again attacked successive Bihar governments of RJD and JD(U), days after he announced his political plunge.

Nitish Kumar

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Poll-strategist Prashant Kishor has once again attacked successive governments of Bihar led Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Janata Dal (United), days after he announced his political plunge. Taking to Twitter on Friday, Kishor cited Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and claimed that the latter was right about “truth”. However, he claimed that even after three decades of “Lalu-Nitish rule”, Bihar is still the “poorest and the backward” state of the country. The poll-strategist has sounded the need for a new thinking and effort to change Bihar. Kishor added that the same is possible only with the collective efforts of the people.

“Nitish ji rightly said – #truth is of importance and the truth is that even after 30 years of Lalu-Nitish rule, today Bihar is the poorest and a backward state of the country. A new thinking and effort is needed to change Bihar and this is possible only with the collective efforts of the people there,” tweeted Prashant Kishor 

नीतीश जी ने ठीक कहा – महत्व #सत्य का है और सत्य यह है कि 30 साल के लालू-नीतीश के राज के बाद भी बिहार आज देश का सबसे गरीब और पिछड़ा राज्य है।

बिहार को बदलने के लिए एक नयी सोंच और प्रयास की ज़रूरत हैं और यह सिर्फ़ वहाँ के लोगों के सामूहिक प्रयास से ही सम्भव है।

— Prashant Kishor (@PrashantKishor) May 6, 2022

Kishor had avered the same words during his press conference on Thursday, where he had blamed the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and former CM Lalu Prasad Yadav for the state being the poorest and underdeveloped. 

“Bihar is the poorest state despite Lalu and Nitish. If Bihar has to move ahead, it has to change its way. A new agenda, new thinking, and new efforts are needed. Now the question is who has that ideology”, Prashant Kishor said at the time 

Prashant Kishor outlines political gameplan; announces 3000-km Padayatra

On Thursday, Prashant Kishor addressed the media and announced that he will embark on a 3000-km Padyatra in Bihar from October 2. Moreover, he has not ruled out his plans to form his own political party at a later stage. Kishor repeatedly maintained that the state can progress only with a new vision. Therefore, he announced that he will personally meet and interact with around 18,000 persons in the state who have the capability of changing the future of the state for the better and attempt to bring them together on one platform which may take the shape of a political party. During his statewide Padyatra, Kishor would interact with people in a bid to understand their aspirations and march towards good governance in Bihar. Maintaining that he would remain committed to this plan of action, he stressed that his earlier initiative of ‘Baat Bihar Ki’ could not take off owing to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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