World’s most expensive coin unveiled in honour of late Queen Elizabeth II, its staggering price is…

The coin is described as a “16-month labour of love” by craftsmen from across the Commonwealth.

A new coin that could be among the most priceless ever has been revealed in memory of the late Queen Elizabeth II. According to CNN, the coin, which was made with around 4 kg of gold and more than 6,400 diamonds, is worth about $23 million (192 crores). 

The coin was created by the upscale lifestyle brand East India Company and released to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth one year ago. 

“The Crown was meticulously handcrafted: the diamonds were painstakingly cut and individually placed to fit seamlessly within the design, while two distinct settings were used to mirror the flowing fabric of the British Union Jack,” the East India Company said.

It is still not known if The Crown will be put on sale. Craftsmen from throughout the Commonwealth have referred to it as a “16-month labour of love” and said that “many thoughts was not possible due to the scale of the project and the global shortage of diamonds as a result of the pandemic.”

The coin, which has a diameter of nearly 9.6 inches and is the size of a basketball, is said to have a series of portraits of the late monarch by well-known portraitists Mary Gillick, Arnold Machin, Raphael Maklouf, and Ian Rank-Broadley. The larger coin in the middle weighs more than 2 pounds, while the surrounding smaller coins each weigh 1 ounce.

A rare “double Eagle” gold coin that went for £15.17 million at auction in 2021 currently holds the record for the most expensive coin in the world. 

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