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For all dance lovers in the world, the ‘moonwalk’ continues to remain an iconic step. Believed to have been introduced by dancer and singer Jeffrey Daniel, and popularised by Michael Jackson, the moonwalk is arguably the most popular dance step in the world. While almost everyone, at some point in their lives, must have done the moonwalk, perfecting it remains an art; and taking the iconic step to the next level a woman’s performance underwater is taking over the internet.

In the now-viral video, shared by a Twitter user named Figen, a woman is seen performing the moonwalk to perfection underwater. The Twitter post was captioned, “How to moonwalk underwater.”

For the unversed, the moonwalk or backslide is a dance move in which the performer glides backward but their body actions suggest forward motion. 

Take a look at the underwater moonwalk here:

‘Impressive’, say netizens 

The viral video has garnered around 15.5K views and has accumulated several likes. The video has also promoted many to express their views. A user quipped, “Easy, there is no weightlessness on the moon.”

A second user commented, “Wow it looks like it’s getting much harder to pass the test to be a Life Guard at your local swimming pool nowadays.”

A third user wrote, “At first I thought her shoes were just weighted to make sure she’d stay on the bottom, until that last part came with the water surface.”

(Image: @_TheFigen/Twitter)

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