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On Thursday, a massive UFO-like lenticular cloud appeared in Turkey’s morning skies, leaving nitizens completely shocked.


Image: Twitter/@lankanist

On Thursday, January 19, a massive UFO-like lenticular cloud appeared in the morning skies of Turkey, which left the netizens completely shocked. According to the Guardian, the cloud appeared over the Turkish city of Bursa, leaving the residents completely awestruck. The videos of the peculiar phenomena were being circulated online soon after. While some compared the cloud’s shape to a Target, others compared it to the shape of a UFO. The circular cloud was a rare Lenticular cloud that appeared with a hole in the middle. 

A Twitter user shared the visuals of the morning Turkish skies on Thursday. The user wrote, “A majestic lenticular cloud spotted over Bursa, Turkey today.” The video shows the saucer-like cloud engulfing the early morning skies of the Turkish city. The Twitter post now has over 11 thousand views. The netizens were completely enamoured by the picturesque visuals of the pink cloud. While some compared the clouds to UFOs, others compared the cloud to a diaphragm. But overall the netizens were completely enamoured by its beauty. One Twitter user wrote, “What a beautiful phenomenon!” 

A majestic lenticular cloud swas potted over Bursa, Turkey today. pic.twitter.com/Rs0j1jafJ3

— ʟᴀɴᴋᴀɴᵀᵁᴿᴷ (@lankanist) January 19, 2023

What is a Lenticular cloud? 

Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds that are formed mostly in the Earth’s troposphere. According to Fox Weather, the clouds are usually found either over or floating near the mountain tops. The clouds formed in the troposphere are usually on the cusp of saturation point. The air that flows at the top of the mountain is cool enough to enable the lenticular cloud stay at a saturation point. As the air over the mountains sinks, the clouds slowly start getting warmer and immediately disappear. According to Fox Weather, the formation of clouds indicates the chances of precipitation in the region within the next few days.

Image: Twitter/@lankanist

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