Viral pic: UP man drives e-rickshaw with infant daughter strapped to his chest, social media lauds

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Viral pic: UP man drives e-rickshaw with infant daughter strapped to his chest, social media lauds

In this Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district, images and videos of an e-rickshaw driver driving passengers while carrying his 1-year-old daughter strapped to his body went popular on social media, attracting the attention of authorities.

Since February, Kamlesh Verma (40) has been driving an e-rickshaw while carrying his daughter strapped to his chest. His recent appearance in a local newspaper story drew the attention of the government and political figures.

Verma has been promised every available assistance and perk under government programmes by the district administration. Social professionals and members of the populace have also offered their assistance.

Verma, a local of the Chiranji Chhapra village inside the boundaries of the Dokati police station, lost his wife six months ago. Because no one could watch his daughter at home when his elderly mother underwent eye surgery, Verma was compelled to take the child with him in order to earn a livelihood. 

“There is no one else in the family to take care of her. I have to carry my daughter with me to work. My wife died about six months ago after falling off a train and my aged mother also had to go for an eye operation,” Verma told PTI.

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Verma leaves with his daughter at 6 am and carries a milk bottle with him to feed her. “I am doubling up as both her mother and father. The child has also adapted to living with me. She starts crying sometimes but now, it is not a problem to pacify her. Earlier, it was difficult to manage everything,” Verma said.

District Magistrate Ravindra Kumar learned about the situation from the media. “Every possible help will be provided to Verma from the administration. I will ensure that he gets pension, a ration card and the benefits of government schemes. I will talk to him and try to ensure a good upbringing of the child,” he said.

Several people have come forward to help Verma and provide him with some sort of assistance for a better living. Local MLA Jai Prakash Anchal said that he will provide financial assistance to Verma. Local MP Virendra Singh mast’s private secretary Aman Singh said he would try to get a house for him. He will try to get a bank loan as well. Manish Singh who is associated with an organisation engaged in social work said he will collect donations from the public.

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