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In a message to Indian and American businesses, PM Modi said the governments have cleared the field and it is time for them to play.

PM Modi speaks at the Kennedy Center (Image: Republic)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “this is the moment” for people and businesses to take advantage of the growing India-US ties. In the final leg of his historic state visit, Prime Minister Modi attended the event organised by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum at the Kennedy Center. During his address, Prime Minister highlighted how the India-US partnership is important for both sides and how it is benefiting both nations. The Prime Minister insisted that this is the time to take advantage of the current economy and bolster India-US ties further. 

“Friends, the India-US partnership is important for both the nations and people of both the nations,” the Prime Minister proclaimed during his address at the Kennedy Center. “It is important to strengthen our ties and under President Biden’s leadership, the US government is doing a good job in this regard. India and the US are moving forward as the most reliable partner in today’s world,” he added.

The Prime Minister insisted that the businesses from both nations should take the maximum opportunity of this relationship.  “This is the time to take the first and fast movers advantage. In the past three days, we spoke on various topics,” Prime Minister stated at the event. “One straight message to all the innovators out there, this is the moment! This is the moment!” he proclaimed. This was followed by a standing ovation by the audience including Chairman Emeritus Cisco system John Chambers. 

— Republic (@republic) June 23, 2023

During his 30-min long address, Prime Minister spoke about how India has a youthful population amid the growing ageing crisis all around the world. “India has the solution to one of the biggest challenges in the future, this challenge is the ageing crisis. We can not deny that an ageing population not only affect manpower but also affect the areas of consumption, production and innovation,” he said. “Today India is the most youthful country in the world. India has one of the youngest talent pools in the world. India has the largest skill and professional force. Hence, every country which joins forces with India will benefit eventually,” he added.  

In his Friday address, Prime Minister said that India and the US have the potential to change their destiny. The Prime Minister urged both nations to come together and make the world a better place. “I believe, India-US ties have the potential to change the destiny of the world in the 21st century,” he said.  “I want you to join India’s road to progress, let us come together for a better world, and let us grow with India. This is the time and this is the right time,” he said.

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