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Chinmayi Sripada called out DMK for lack of support for her sexual harassment claims against Vairamuthu, who has also been accused by 16+ women.

Chinmayi Sripada calls out DMK’s stance on MeToo claims against lyricist Vairamuthu (Image: chinmayisripaada/Instagram

In an interview with Republic TV, singer Chinmayi Sripada questioned the DMK’s conflicting stance regarding sexual harassment claims. The singer pointed out at the lack of support and overall dismissal of the accusations she had levied on decorated Tamil Nadu lyricist, Vairamuthu. Chinamyi Sripada has also revealed the overall ramifications she faced professionally owing to the accusations she levied on Vairamuthu.

Sripada comments on Vairamuthu being politically ‘shielded’

The singer commented on and the charges she had levied on Vairamuthu, in 2018, saying, “The core issue is politicians shielding sexual harassers that are close to them.” The singer pointed out the close ties Vairamuthu enjoys with the DMK citing his presence as the chief guest in multiple party events also pointing out the presence of high-ranking politicians at the lyrcist’s book launch.

Calling this a “power show”, Sripada reflected on how this practice is not exclusive to the DMK but involves the entire political machinery of Tamil Nadu which continues to platform and support him. Recalling the abject dismissal of her sexual harassment accusations against Vairamuthu, Sripada revealed how she has been called “a BJP stooge” for having named their “extremely talented poet out of a personal vendetta”. Adding weight to her argument, the singer shared how AR Rahman’s sister, AR Reihana has herself admitted how Vairamuthu alleged predatory behaviour, has been an “open secret”. Commenting on the lack of action taken with regards to her accusations,  she revealed how her complaint yielded no results owing to Vairamuthu’s strong ties across the political spectrum in Tamil Nadu.

On the DMK’s non-involvement in her matter

DMK’s stance on Chinmayi Sripada calling the party out for its conflicting stance has been met with a response which states that as the wrestler’s protest is centred around a government federation, the government is at liberty to comment – conversely, calling Sripada’s allegations a matter between two individuals, the government has refrained from commenting. Sripada responded to this by pointing out how the Stalin government has actively spoken out about various similar incidents like Hathras, Kathua as well as other sexual crimes including child sexual abuse. Citing the lack of any government bodies being involved in these incidents, Sripada asked why her allegations in particular have been overlooked coupled with an active display of support for an alleged molester who stands accused by more than 16 women.

The singer also commented on the vast disparity in how she and Vairamuthu have been treated by the Tamil film industry, post her accusations from 2018. While Sripada faces a ban, Vairamuthu continues to thrive in the industry along side being celebrated as well. Calling out this disparity, Sripada cites it as the primary reason why so many victims of sexual harassment believe silence to be the more sensible approach. 

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