‘Red Light on Gaadi off’: Delhi government’s campaign to tackle air pollution begins from October 28

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Red Light on Gaadi off’: Delhi government’s campaign to tackle air pollution begins from October 28 | Photo: File

Delhi government is all set to launch the “Red Light On Gaadi Off” in an effort to combat the issue of air pollution. Public officials and groups will encourage commuters to turn off their automobiles at traffic signals as part of a campaign that will begin the next week.

The first phase of “Red Light On Gaadi Off,” according to Environment Minister Gopal Rai, would run from October 28 to November 28. The initiative will be implemented primarily at 100 congested junctions during its initial phase.

Minister Gopal Rai stated, “We will make commuters aware about vehicular pollution through various means.” Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, has also given his approval for the recruitment of 2,500 Civil Defence volunteers to carry out the campaign effectively. According to Rai, the campaign to raise awareness will be conducted in two shifts from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Rai informed that following an evaluation of its effectiveness, further judgments will be make. A total of 2,500 Civil Defence volunteers will be used to carry out the operation. These volunteers will spread awareness around Delhi, especially on 100 important four-way intersections.

Furthermore, the Delhi Traffic Police will run this programme by concentrating on 100 key four-ways that see heavy traffic. On such a four-way deployment, 20 Civil Defense volunteers will be deployed instead of 10. Placards and banners used by these Civil Defence volunteers will help people become more informed. According to Rai, several drivers failed to turn off their motors at red lights last year.

“We will present them with flowers and request them through Gandhigiri to switch-off their engines. Paryavaran Mitra, RWAs, Market Associations, Eco-clubs, NGOs will also be made a part of this campaign so that they can visit every doorstep and make people aware of switching-off engines at red lights,” he further added.

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The adoption of the GRAP system and the use of a bio-decomposer to decompose stubble are collaborative initiatives under Delhi’s Winter Plan for Air Pollution to control the city’s pollution levels. Vehicle emissions are one of the main factors in Delhi’s local pollution production, along with dust and biomass combustion, according to the environment minister.

“Therefore, the Delhi government has decided to launch ‘Red Light on Gaadi off’ campaign to curb vehicular pollution from October 28 for one month,” Rai said.

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