Rahul Gandhi slammed for ‘women still being sexually assaulted’ remark, Delhi Police issues notice

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Rahul Gandhi slammed for ‘women still being sexually assaulted remark’, Delhi Police issues notice

The Delhi Police has issued a notice to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over his “women are still being sexually assaulted” remark made during the Bharat Jodo Yatra and sought details of victims so that action can be taken, officials said on Thursday.

Taking cognisance of social media posts, police have sent a questionnaire and asked him “to give details about women who approached him regarding sexual harassment”.

According to police, Gandhi gave a statement in Srinagar during the Bharat Jodo Yatra that “I have heard that women are still being sexually assaulted”.

Rahul Gandhi had made the comments in Srinagar during the Bharat Jodo yatra.

“In one particular case I asked a girl, she had been raped, I asked her should we call the police, she said that don’t call the police then I will be shamed”, Rahul had said.

He went to say that that he had heard that women are still being sexually assaulted.

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Rahul Gandhi also made similar statement in his controversial speech in Cambridge university in the UK, where he said that when he was walking in Kashmir during his Bharat Jodo Yatra, two women had approached him and held his hand. I felt something strange. It was like desperate way of holding my hand. So, I looked at her and asked, tell me what is happening?”.

He said that one of the women said, “my sister and me were gang raped by five guys”, when he talked to them.

“This is not controversation, you do, when you meet a person first time.” My first reaction was let’s call the cops, but the girls said I cannot call the cops. If you call the cops, we will be shamed and we are never getting to go married. We just wanted our brother to know what is happening and they walked away.”

Now, the police have asked him to give details of these victims so that security can be provided to them.

(Source: PTI)

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